HELP! I consider my cat basically drank rubbing alcohol?

I had a bit of rubbing alcohol on a handtowel sitting on my table. I looked over at it about 3 minutes ago and my cat had her facade against it. When I grabbed her, she licked her mouth and walked absent. She seems fine, but what could happen to her?
She'll be fine - no worries. Cats have a very strong sense of smell so she probably thought it be very bitter by the way it smelled
I doubt it actually ingested anything, cat's aren't dumb and rubbing alcohol is some pretty rigorous stuff, and I can't imagine it tasting very apposite. Probably just got on it's face/fur a little. If your cat starts dance around with a lampshade on it's head you may want to call the vet or brew some strong coffee. But really, I wouldn't verbs about it.

She could be poisoned. My dog ate my hair coloring. I had to bring her and the vet had to give her Intervenous.

See how your cat does. If she gets sick, lift her to the vet right away.
I don't think anything if she merely brushed against the wet cloth. If she really drank any of it - you'd have a dead cat or one that would be surrounded by the emergency room now.
Get her to a vet omg that is amazingly poisonus it does intestine damage
Don't waste time or be in motion directly to your vet!!
Call the vet
Answers:    she will be fine. we had a cat that constantly lick the hand sanitizer dispenser. he never got sick. I think he newly liked the taste. if your really worried, a short time ago call the vets office, a phone nickname is free and usually the receptionist knows the answers.
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