Help kittens tail have be cut past its sell-by date... what shall we do?

My mom shut the door not knowing the kitten was there, and now it's tail have been cut off and the bone is showing, at the mo my mum cant afford vet fees so what can we do? thanks.
That is horrible! Take the cat to a vet they want to the cat to live and will work out a course to be paid back. You can go to prison for animal laxity if you do not do anything. I am sure you have at lowest a thousand dollar set aside for emergencys and should not be a pet owner if you can not afford vet fees.

If you can not take it to a vet, take it to an emergency room, they can backing you.

No matter what wrap up the kitten and bring the tail with you-it might be able to be reattached.
Sorry to hear nearly the accident - but in fairness if you can't afford vet fee's you shouldn't be a pet owner. Accidents are unpredictable things, whether you had an accident you'd want treating, in reality you'd expect treating and the same applies to this poor little kitten.
If the bone is exposed you are putting the cat at risk of all sorts of infection - which will be even more costly to treat - both financially and to the health and welfare of the cat.
You NEED to see a vet.
Well, you cannot of late let that go untreated. If you can't afford vet fees, there are pet shelters out within that will give your kitty cheaper treatment, although many aren't full-service clinics. You have to ask yourself whether you want to still have a cat, or spend some extra money.
You are required by regulation to get vet attention for any animal in your possession that is within need of it. If you do not, the cat quite possibly will get an infection, and that could endanger its natural life. It is completely dependent on you for help, and you need to provide it. That said, you call for to give up the animal to the ASPCA, borrow money from someone to pay the vet fees, or perhaps work out a settlement with the vet clinic for payments. A lot of clinics will help people contained by your situation. All you have to do is explain your situation and ask if they can help within any way.

Get the poor kitten to the vet immediately, because it must be in greatly of pain, and it is in danger of getting an infection. Good luck!
Iam not in habit of doing this but, Get kitten to vet asap and whether vet cannot work something out for payments...EMAIL ME! GO NOW!
If you cannot afford the fees then I influence you need to take it to the pound. At least in that is would get medical attention. You have no right to neglect an animal. Your mom should enjoy been more careful.
Answers:    Take your cat to the vet. Although, have the tail severed isn't life threatening, your can can develop an infection from the wound. Your cats tail probably wasn't "cut off" but more skinned by the door, which is why the bone is showing. A vet will be able to bandage it, and supply it some antibiotics to fight off any infections. Check with your local vet. A lot of them will work out a payment plan or some solution for treatment, but this HAS to be taken care of right away!
Wash the tail so it wont get infected.
Put a piece of cloth around it.

Then all you can do is continue for it to heal...

Bandage it.. Other than that, GO TO THE VET! anyways, its good for its tail off. every dog have it so it doesnt get hurt by tail or CUT OFF!
WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR brother or sisters toe got caught? YOU WOULD TAKE THEM TO THE DR!

iF there is a SPCA they have low cost vet meticulousness
I would go to the vet. If you REALLY can't afford it, after I would wash it and bandage it up. My grandma's cat's tail got cut rotten and she took hers to the vet where they treated it.
You absolutely MUST travel to the vet.

There is no excuse for leaving that untreated.
Thats horrible and cruel.:'''[ take it to the vet. you dont deserve a kitten if you can't afford it
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