Help my cat have a sore eye? any suggestions?

my poor little cat has a blood shot eye just in the corner of one eye. perhaps its conjunctivitus, not sure what do. cant take him to the vet till monday.
If they just look a little pink and are runny looking, then bring a cotton ball and wipe his eyes with warm marine several times a day. I had a kitten once and it helped him. If it doesn't give the impression of being to help after a couple of days then take him to the vet.
Good Luck!
or it's possible your kitten may own an upper respiratory infection (URI) or feline conjunctivitis which is caused by the feline herpesvirus. A veterinarian desires to evaluate and treat respectively with antibiotics for the secondary infections mostly associated with URI's or if it is the latter a lifelong treatment of lysine and how to keep your cat's time stress-free.

More about URI's:

Feline conjunctivitis/Feline herpesvirus:

First don't panic. Your cat could have just scratched her eye a short time, in this case it will go absent on its on. If it starts running, get a cotton soaked in warm marine and wipe it, if the cat lets you do it. Keep an eye on it for changes, whether you think is getting worse, don't wait till monday. Call any wet surgery surrounded by your area and a vet nurse or recorded message will be able to direct you to nearest emergency vet.
Answers:    Sore eyes can be caused by a little things – scratches from fighting are probably the commonest. Sore eyes should always be see by a vet as sight can quickly be lost, and is often irreversible. If the eye seem very painful, is weeping copiously, or the cat is rubbing at it, then it should be see as an emergency.

You might try what is called Teramyacin it is an medication for the eyes available at TSC, it costs about $10.00, my kittens eyes be sore and puffed up with * coming out of them and it cleared it up in about a week. You a moment ago take a small amount on the tip of your finger and hold their eye-lids open and place it right on top of their eye. It should comfort!! Good luck!
the cat probably be in a fight and got the blood shot later gut they are common enough within cats in fact cats usually cats enjoy an eye infection once in there life but newly keep the cat indoors and the vet should give some Canoural eye drops that will really help nippy.
My Kitten had an eye infection but no blood shots but the cat will be fine.
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