Help- my cat is drooling- alot... ?

My one and a half year old cat is drooling- a LOT.

Its been going on for a afternoon now.

He is totally active, drinking, eating, playing next to the dog. His temperment isn't that different. He is a bit weaker than normal but he is always quite listless so I don't know if its any different than he normally is.. :)

Any ideas of what it is? Other than the excessive drooling he's fine... Other than motto take him to a vet- any other ideas / suggestions / thoughts as to what this is?

He should be up-to-date with adjectives his vaccines. He's had his rabies one- its getting near to have it begin again but he should still be covered.

Thanks for any help.

And a vet is not an option really where I live... So any 'home-help' would be appreciated.
It maybe a few things. :3 Cats sometimes drool when they show affection. If your cat is completely active from playing he maybe thirsty alot. I know my cat actually pant like a dog when she's been playing or if shes stressed when going to the vet or when we vacuum the house.

Even though you influence a vet isn't an option, i really would encourage you to go, you possibly glad that you did!

Best of luck to you and kitty! >^..^<
Drooling a lot sounds as whether he has teeth problems or has gotten into something that is irritating his mouth. you can look into his mouth for anything adjectives, but should take him to a vet if it continues. I had one cat that ate a nozzle and thread when I was sewing. Taught me a lesson to keep dangerous things put up when I gone the area for even a short time.
That can be moderately common. Make sure there is no unambiguous injury in the mouth, look around for chewed up plant material; you may want to rinse his mouth to remove any foul taste (if he let you). Just make sure he continues to eat and drink because whether he continues drooling, then dehydration can be an issue and if he stops then he's palpably not feeling well.

I once had an elder cat that drooled when it was showing affection.

Also: It would NOT be rabies. Pet booster shots are more harmful than good, oodles recent news articles I've been reading more and more of voice that the side affects that can be caused are anything from cancer at the injection site, to making the pet less immune to the disease. They shouldn't be given at the frequency that they are. I haven't got any booster shot as an grown, and I've never had the diseases that we were inoculated for as children - pets are the same. We are trying to win the laws regarding the required frequency of shots changed.
he could have a bad tooth. i found a stray cat, took to vet. poor thing have a rat bone stuck between 2 teeth.they were rotten, vet pulled them and drooling stopped she was pregnut at the time. a few weeks later she have 5 health kittens
Answers:    Have you checked the inside of his mouth. He could hold a broken tooth or something lodged across the back of his mouth, across the top palate, or even a bit of something he was playing with lodged between a couple of teeth. My cat have a little stick lodged there and couldn't get it out himself. It is categorically something. Maybe you could get his rabies a bit early and have the vet pocket a look. As long as he is eating and playing its probably not an emergency but keep an eye just contained by case it becomes one.
Some cats only just have wierd habits there's nothing worng beside him don't worry. My friend has a cat that does the same entity and she just treats him like a normal cat,
My older cat always drools.

They'll do it when they capture car sick or they are happy. Mine does it when she's heavily asleep.

There's nothing wrong near it. It's just like when we drool in our sleep.
If your cat is drooling alot when he/she is being affectionate, like when your petting it and what not its completely normal. Its a hormonal item. My cat does it all the time. It might sound weird but its a sexual entry cats do when they show affection like when they are purring and what not.

But if he/she is drooling all the time, it most credible means they got into something. If you live in lousianna or the southern slice of the country, your cat could have gotten a hold of a toad or frog and if thats the case the cat would droll because of the toxins the toad/frog give off.

Im not sure if i be any help, i hope i was and i hope its nothing serious!

If there's spagetti type drool baggy off his mouth, it's a broken tooth with the root exposed. Our Fred snapped a fang past its sell-by date jumping down onto concrete and slipping. He was miserable for the first afternoon, then acted like nothing happen the second when I could catch him and get him surrounded by. Both days had drool down his mouth in strands that were over 8" long. He be an outdoor cat we couldn't catch easily at that point (was later converted to totally indoors).

It could also be that he ate something that irritated the mouth (a cat close at hand us chewed on a battery and got acid contained by his mouth, it gave caustic burns to his tongue and he had the ropy drool, we took him contained by for vet care).

I also had a cat who chewed on a ficus tree I had and he was drooling excessively from that, which be a toxic reaction to the sap (vet said to keep him hydrated but just loaf it out).
Do you share food next to your kitty sometimes?   My cat's one eye waters alot and it's coming out brown,plus she have sneezing attacks,the vet does'nt give the impression of being to k?   For cat lovers isnt it nice that cats arrest mice contained by your domestic?   Does this video upset you??