Help, My cat keep getting sick?

The cat is a 2 year old male that has never have any medical issues. Over the last 2 days he has thrown up his food within 20 minutes to an hour of consumption it, we have stopped feeding him for now (12 hours or so). He is drinking river, sociable with our other cat, and hasnt been scared or timid as a sick cat normally acts. In the year and a half that we have have him, he has only had 2 hairballs. Both cats own been eating the same dry food for over a month I would approaching to hear what other experices people have had near this sort of behavior.
I wouldn't take any chances, acquire your cat to the vet, he may have ingested some string and it could be caught around his intestines. he could have an obstruction or in recent times "simply" be constipated. there is always the chance that he have eaten too fast and it upset his stomach. but being that it have been 2 days, you should get this checked out, don't want to be sorry you didn't.
Cats' digestive systems are very sensitive, and don't act in response well to many changes of their food (either the type of food or the feed schedule).

Your cat could be throwing up the food because he gorges himself. Or, he possibly can digest the hard food, and a switch to soft or canned food will alleviate the problem. OR, you might want to try mixing dry near canned to see if that takes fastidiousness of the problem.

Many variables here. So, if you really care about your pet, It's best to bear your cat to the vet for the correct diagnosis.
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I have a similar problem near my calico, took her to the vet and he said that some cats have a bacteria in their stomach that will impose that . He put her on prednisone and that has stopped it for the most part. he may be eating too smartly or it could be something altogether different. I would take him to the vet and get him checked. You can always ask your vetif you can do payments, better not detrimental than sorry
If you really love your cat take it to the vet as fast as you can.
I had the same article happen with my healthy cat adjectives of the sudden as turns out he was just intake his food way too quickly. If you are home a great deal during the day, just feed the cat smaller quantity spread out throughout the day rather than feeding it a hulking amount once or twice a day.

I would still take the cat to the vet for a check-up just surrounded by case.

I hope everything is ok!
If he throws up every time he eat even a few bites, take him to the vet. If it is just occasionally or only after he have eaten a good amount, try doing smaller feedings and see if it improve.

A vet visit is really not expensive especially when compared to urgent care stop by when the cat starts to show other symptoms of something seriously wrong. I have had cats that threw up daily, normally right after eating but sometimes up to an hour after. I now know it was cheap cat food cause the problem. They got dry food and wolfed it down. Too much in a cat's stomach too fast, and up it will come.

Try smaller feedings and see how it go. If that does not work, call your vet. And get your cats on a good part food. Stay away from foods sold in grocery stores or department stores. Go to a pet food store. You can find some good option there. Read labels and go for meat, not fish. Grain-free is best. Yes, good food costs more than junk foods, but you will save money over time because you will enjoy fewer vet bills. Plus, your cats will actually require less food because the pious stuff is nutrient-dense. The cheap stuff is almost all grains and by-products. Any food that contains gluten is expected to cause vomiting. Wheat is typically an allergen to cats, so if the labels say wheat or gluten, put that one back on the shelf.

Feed grain-free high quality cat food individual, at set meal times, and you will have healthier, happier cats that are smaller number likely to become ill. They might throw up in the emergence of starting the new food because they are not used to it, so plan on feeding totally small amounts at a time for several days in the beginning.

Shouldn't own mentioned your financial situation...lots of people here are rich and never have financial difficulties and think that population who do, should have pets.
I did have the same issue. I am also within a rough financial situation, so I was buying Meow Mix and other cheaper cat foods. I figured out that is be the food, and I started buying Iams Lamb and Rice for digestion. I also bought Hairball Remedy which is malt with some fish flavoring. Someone else told me that you can use Vaseline instead, so its cheaper, might want to give that a try. I gave her the malt every daylight and only fed the lamb and rice food. She stopped throwing up in approximately a week and the week that she continued to throw up, she was throwing up hair. Good luck.
My cat have done that before. In her case, it was because she be "wolfing down" her food. I gave her smaller quatities at a time...problem was solved. Hope he gets better.
Answers:    Could be a hairball or hairball problems. Are you giving you cat something for the hair balls like "Petromalt"

"It is regular for your cat to have hairballs occasionally. However, if she must deal near them frequently, dangerous problems can develop. Hairballs can block her intestinal tract, making it impossible for her to either vomit or eliminate. In reality, twenty-five percent of all impaction cases (something "stuck" in the digestive tract) that veterinarians see are due to hairballs. Signs of a major hairball problem, and possible impaction:

* vomiting of undigested food
* dry retching
* inability to defecate
* diarrhea
* swollen belly

If you suspect your cat is impacted, see your veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian has several options to resolve impactions, but serious blockages may require surgical removal. It is far better that you use preventive practices, and provide assistance near existing hairballs, before such problems occur. " -
I have 4 cats ages 13 and 3 years old and 2 that are both 8 months and they sometime get similar to yours throwing up after eating and I know it's scarey because I lost one cat a year ago from it throwing up, your problem here is that your cat is eating too much it doesn't know when to stop. Advice give it rather bit of food when you wake up in the morning and just beforehand you go to bed give it a little bit my cats are fine presently from me doing that routine.

Well good luck !
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