HELP!! my cat a short time ago suddenly go blind over hours of darkness.. she's acting sick and as whether she's other contained by a hard to digest daze?

over the past couple weeks i've notice my cat has be getting skinnier and not eating or drinking almost anything. last dark she was doing perfectly fine besides the getting skinny thing... but over dark she went blind and very ill.. nowadays she's always in a daze, very slow, wobbleing, falling down on her side, and walking into walls later keeping her head pushed up against the wall for a few minutes until falling back down onto her side. i brought her to the vet today. they did some blood test.. and then sent us home. tomarrow the vet is going to call nearly what might be wrong... but from when i got her back home from the vet office she has been getting worse and worse.. immediately she has almost no strength and can't stay standing up for more than a couple seconds with-out falling down.. the vet said whether we could get her to eat anything that that would help.. so i open a can of tuna and she took 2-3 nibbles then walked away contained by a wabbleing daze until she fell on her side.. i'm worried sick that she might die... i'm having a severe panic attack... has this ever happen to anyone elses cat?
and if so what happened and what might help this..
i agree next to turqee - there are too many possibilities to diagnose on the internet. get her to an emergency vet!!
I can't believe your Vet sent her home similar to that! It sounds very serious to me. I lost a cat to a stroke a year ago, she was doing the same piece your cat is doing but I took her in right away and the Vet put her to sleep. I feel so bleak for you, your kitty needs to see the Vet again ASAP.
What do you nurture her normally?
wut's her normal diet ? sounds like ur cat could be food-poinsed witout u knowing it . anyone else feed her besides u? or it near any other sources she might've gotten anything to eat recently ?hopefully the results won't be 2 bad from the vet wishes .
I would get her back to a vet ASAP! First, ring up your regular vet's number, if they are not open they will probably have on their message the moniker of a 24 hour hospital they work with. Call that hospital right away and get her surrounded by.
I'd guess any poison or severe diabetes. Did they do a urinalysis? What was the results of a blood test that was done?
Does your cat go outdoors? It sounds as though she may have ingested antifreeze, which can explanation "drunken" behavior, and weight loss from kidney failure. If she is not eating much on her own, you should force nurture her. Mix up some canned food with water until it have a liquid consistency, then put it into a plastic syringe or dropper, and feed her near that.

Please take her to a vet as soon as possible. If necessary,
I can't believe your vet sent you home. A cat that bad past its sell-by date needs immediate help. I don't believe this cat can go overnight without more help. She requests to be in the hospital. If she makes it to morning, drive her in first point, don't wait for an appointment!

>>>> I am sorry to hear about your cat. Maybe she got into something poison. Very crestfallen and I'm sure this was very concrete on you, you tried to do all you could.
Answers:    The reality you let this go for a couple of weeks is rather disturbing. Whatever is wrong next to your cat may have been treatable had you not wait as she wasted away. Why on earth did you hang around? I find it hard to believe that you went to the vet today. In her condition it sounds resembling she's very dehydrated and a vet would have be her on fluids. Or was this recommended but you said no? Something's not right in your story.
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