My maine coon-mix will not stop eating! I fed him this morning at about 7:30 and since afterwards i have had to feed him at least possible three more times. And every time he eats he eats like it be the first meal he has had adjectives week.

P.S he Isn't bloated or anything just hungry.
Feed him surrounded by the morning, dry food and 1/2 the can of wet food. at night, dry food 1/2 the can of wet food. do not hang on to feeding him, he is just asking because he knows you will offer it to him. it will ve hard to ignore him, but you have to.
that's a bad habit for your cat to do and you should try to make it stop. but don't cut him sour immediately he's too used to you feeding him so much. start out by only refill his bowl only an extra two times, then after a few days solitary one extra time, then not even feeding him additional at all. but if it doesn't help consult to your vet about it. the problem may be that your not giving him large enough portions of food. the amount you pass them is based on their weight.
Answers:    With it getting colder, he'll be wanting to fatten up for winter time. It's just an animal instinct. Feed the growth spurt. He'll be fine, as long as you play near him regularly.
Maybe somethings up with his Thyroid (i have an idea that that's the gland that controls hunger) My cat had a thyroid problem and wouldn't stop begging for food. I had to dispense it 1 pill a day, ask ur vet, they are kinda costly from your vet though, you can get them cheaper online, Hope i helped [:
its possible they got a tapeworm i dream up it is my cat had one of those what it does is when the food goes into the stomach the worms steal it and that leaves your cat constantly wanting food because it never technically got any, you might want to move about to the vet to get the cat checked out
You call for to get him on a diet. Ask your local vet about food portions and times for your cat. In the mean time, bring the food away and don't feed him for awhile. I'm sorry i can't list any more solutions, its past due where i live, so good luck!
Just feed him what you normally nurture him, just cos hes begging for food, doesnt mean you own to feed him.if you keep feed him this way hes gonna get reallly fat realllly soon :)
Sounds like he has worms.

When my cat get worms, she jumped up on the stove and stole an egg I was frying from under my snout. I was so astonished! But the worms make them voracious - they can't help it.

Get the cat wormed and see whether that helps.
You have need of to get him on a schedule, stop continually giving him food.
How old is he? My kitty is 9 months and has about 3 can a day, its very unhealthy she is getting oil. your cat might just like food alot or needs to progress to the vet. good luck! :)
No matter how much he cries, don't give contained by. I know you probably love him and want to make him happy, but he needs to diet. Try putting him on a calendar.
nurture him what you normally feed the same amount some times they only eat to eat like us but whether you keep feeding him he will get bloated
HI i have 3 cats and they adjectives LOVE to eat. One was a stray and the other two were adopt. You have to make a time that you feed them. I nurture mine 3 times a day. once in morning once at around two, and once at bedtime (9 or so). ask your vet how much your cat should be eating, too much is a short time ago as bad as too little. Hope this helps!
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