Hiding my cats contained by an apartment?

I am moving into an new apartment in a couple months. I have a dog, whom my apartment complex know is coming. I had to pay $400 for a non-refundable pet deposit as well as an secondary 25/ month. I have 2 cats that i am going to try to hide. cats are allowed in the complex, but i would enjoy to pay an additional 200 per cat as deposits as well as 15 a month for respectively cat. that would be 400 more and 30 each month. Has anybody had problems hiding cats in an apartment? what are the probability that I would be evicted if they found out I had them? thanks for the sustain everyone!
Chances you'd be evicted? 90% Possibly with back pay added on respectively of the cats, due on the rent.

I only had to put down one month's extra deposit, which I get back when I left. This place you're looking at seems bearing out of line. If it were me, I'd be still looking for a different place. You have a 'couple of months', check out other places. If you travel to this place and the landlort or caretaker comes in to fix a plumbing or electrical problem and sees the cats they could remove the cats without recounting you, or just evict you on short notice. It's not worth the hassle.
If they are found, it would be up to the tenant to decide what to do with you. They can evict you, make you pass up your pets, make you pay for any damage and the unprotected minimum would be to pay the additional pet deposit.

You think your cats aren't going to sit surrounded by a windowsill or your landlord isn't going to need to come into your apartment at some point? If your cats do damage, it will seize discovered eventually.

In any case, not the right way to get past its sell-by date to a good relationship with your landlord. Pay the additional pet deposit or find somewhere else to live. It is dishonest and cheating.
Answers:    I had a cat in an apartment I was not suppose to enjoy a cat in. The landlord lived on the same even as me. She saw it once as it ran into the hall. She did not care at adjectives and we all went living on with no issues.

If you've signed a lease stating you only hold the one dog and they find out (through necessary repairs or occasional inspection) that you have others, you can be evicted for being within violation of the agreement. Or they can force you to get rid of the cats OR they could demand you recompense the cat deposit and back fees and still have to get rid of the cats OR they could evict you AND clutch you to court for back payment of the cat deposit and monthly fees.

Anything could happen but I'd nearly bet they don't just look the other way. I'd ltake a close look at any fine print regarding pets, such as repercussions whether found with multiple pets not in the original lease agreement. I take to mean your economics but the lease is a legal contract and they can and will enforce it however they choose. I'd look for another place, preferably one that allows the pets without such a huge deposit. Lying about the ones I hold? Not gonna happen, I wouldn't want to take that chance.
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