How can I seize my cat to stay around?

My cat is a 'indoor-outdoor' cat, and she recently got hit by a car, so she's if truth be told at the vet now getting surgery, but, when she comes back, we need to hold on to her around.
I know we should keep her in the house, which we will try to do, but no doubt someone will accidentally agree to her out, so, what backup plan should we have?
[don't say shock collars, they don't work on cats!]

What should we do?
return with gates and keep her in one room and bring notes and write do not let cat out and put them on all the doors and subsequent to the gates.
Cats can not handle traffic. They don't acquire it. Make sure everyone in the family is additional vigilant about not letting her out. It may be tough in the beginning because she is use to coming and going. I have this problem with a new adoptee and every time we went hard by the door she was there trying to get out. I put a hose down pistol at the door and when she started to come to the door she got sprayed. It doesn't hurt and is highly effective. She will revise not to go to the door when people are leaving. Try to preserve her interested in the house with some toys and extra attention. I hold a fishing rod with a feather tied on the end that my cat loves. I also nurture the birds at a window where she can watch. Cats can capture bored just like people. They inevitability mental stimulation to be happy. Good luck
Just don't consent to her out! Put a baby gate at the door to prevent door dashing. You can also put empty soda can inside and outside the door. As you're walking in shake the can to scare her wager on and same when you leave.

I hope your cat recovers quickly. This post is only further that cats should NOT be allowed to free roam.
My cat use to rove around everywhere. Once he ran away for about 3 days and we be so upset, but then we found a "found" poster and got him back. The drive he was leaving was because he wasn't fixed and be looking for a mate.
If your cat isn't fixed yet, do so and they will stay near the house. Also try locking them in near special doors. Or offer treats to call her back into the house.
My suggestion is to build a fence if you have a house.

Or don't permit your cat out. My cat is a strictly indoor cat. He likes it that way though, is afraid of outdoors. Maybe the accident will formulate your cat wish to stay indoors too.
Maybe you could go outside with your cat for a while whether it gets out,and take some cat food out with you.stay next to her for a while,then bring her back in whether possible.we had a similar situation a few years ago.our cat didnt make it after being hit.when we get another cat,we made him stay is difficult though.
What about a room that is sheltered but she can see outdoors... like a sun room or porch?

You really don't have to let her out... and whether you put your foot in the door first... it will block her.
good luck
All you can really do is try your best to keep the cat inside. Once it's outside within isn't really much you can do to keep it close to the house.
If she is not spayed, get it done. Talk to all in the ethnic group and make sure the cat stays in.
Just try your best to keep the cat indoors. But whether she does get out and you see her, run after her or you can just use her food or trests to come back.
One thing that you could do is when she gets out of the house, only get her and bring her back in. Thats how you preserve an indoor cat. She will try to ecscape, but if you really want her as an indoor cat, it's worth it. Trust me, I know. I have one.

Another choice is the obvious choice. Love her alot and nurture her about 2 times a day. As long as you keep giving her attention and she other has access to food, then she will stick around.

:] Hope I helped. ~Lanie
keep her indoors, obviously presently you know one of the tragedies that can happen to outdoor cats...Everyone in your family should lug extra care when opening external doors...
Answers:    IMO I'd just generate her an indoor cat since she already got hit by a car. Next time she may not be so lucky. Do you honestly want to risk putting her in peril again?

If you don't want to make her all indoor cat - then train to a harness/leash or build/buy a cat storage area where she will be a lot safer.
leash and collar...
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