How Can i stop Fleas from biting me?

Right i know your all going to say oh deFlea your pet-i know that i've done it so many times.But whether so much as one flea gets on my i end up in give or take a few 5 bites.I'm too ashamed to show my legs becouse of it. I have at least 20 on each leg and some on my arms and back-Is nearby somthing i can eat or spray on me to stop it? Some people have said marmite stops mosquetos(can't spell it) but does within work on fleas? HELP??! thanx x
maybe you are allergic to flea bites? have you tried taking antihistamines?
I think you're very brave to ask this on here so presently I'm going to tell you that I know exactly what you mean. My great fright is that a flea will actually hop off me on to someone else and they're going to scream 'You've get fleas'. People say cat fleas can't live on humans but they're simply wrong. What you need to do in integration to de-fleaing your pet (again, I know but you need to do the two things together) is to get a household spray that kills fleas. You can any get it from the vet or the supermarket. Spray EVERYTHING including (aagh) inside your wardrobes, chests of drawers, every room in the house, special attention to carpet, sofas, beds, anywhere where the cat sleeps. You'll need to put adjectives food away before you start including the cat's food and water. A few hours then hoover everything including your mattress, sofas, carpets. Put clean sheets on your bed, bung everything in the wash machine. Pray it works. Good luck. Oh, and in about 6 weeks' time you'll call for to do it all over again.
Yep, Im going to say it...gain your pet on frontline or revolution flea control available at your vet. Then get your carpets cleaned or have a pest control company come out and treat the runner for fleas as well as your yard. You have to attain to the root of the problem and get rid of the fleas and that in turn will solve your problem...sorry. Best Wishes!!
Lots and lots of garlic! If you can just manage to eat a few cloves at least possible daily, it will come out through your sweat (but don't worry, it will only be specified to them!!) and fleas can't stand the smell and taste of it. But just make certain you chew plenty of chewing gum too ;-)

If your Vitiman B levels are low, you are more attractive to insects. So try out some Vit B tablets too.

And finally, Avon's Skin-So-Soft bath grease has long been heralded as a mosquito and flea repellent.

Hope they serve you out chick :o)

Garlic! Eat lots of garlic. You hopefully won't be able to smell it, neither should others, but it's the best natural remedy. Fleas abhorrence it. Apparently pineapple works too but you have to eat quite a bit of it.

You should also obtain your house steam cleaned. There must be eggs in the furniture so no matter how often you deflea your dog the eggs will verbs to hatch.

i have that problem with my dog i have 2 hip bath him 3times a week and put flea stuff on him cuz we get foxs in out garden and just recentley the dog have had lots of fleas all i can recomend is that u get some flea spray and mabey spray you bed and what ever your wearing for the daylight so that hopfuy your protected fot the day just remember to do it every day i dont thik flea spray smels of anything so u wont smell desperate

good luck
Do you have any pets? Borax might be toxic to them. You can go to any big pet store (or go online) and buy Diatomecious earth-- and later sprinkle it lightly on the rugs, sofa, upholstery, under the sofa, etc etc -- and then vacuum it-- whether you sprinkle too much at one time it will be very hard to vacuum up .

Sprinkle it weakly, vacuum and then sprinkle it lightly again and vacuum again-- that should take trouble of alot of the problem.

If you have cats, use Frontline for Cats on them to get rid of fleas (1x a month)

If you have dogs, use Frontline for Dogs on them -- do not bestow cats any chemicals or meications that are meant for dogs - cats cannot process those chemicals !

Best of luck-- my cats and I had to deal beside fleas twice. A headache but when it's over, it's over.

Um... as for the person who mentioned candles (candles for fleas??!) in a room -- that can cause a primary fire.
Even thought you up flea killer on your pet, fleas can still live in your house. The best item to do it to fumigate the house and continue to do that until all the fleas are essentially gone. Remember to always keep hold of your animal under a constant flea and tick prevention regimen.
put a candle in the middle of a proper container full of foam, in a dark room start out ur pet with that. all flees ll jump to the container..try it ..!
Try ampules for fleas for the cat and for you ask the pharmacy to give you a treatment for fleas.The marmite I don't know whether it stops fleas
When you try to get rid of fleas not only do you de flea your pet but your house and your yard, Also they come put money on every 10 days if you don't solve the problem
Have you tried bloodshed the fleas in your home? The fleas can live in your house on soft surfaces too, and skip on you and your de-fleaed pet.
Avon Skin So Soft supposedly works well for mosquitoes, would not hurt to try on yourself & at lowest possible you would end up feeling soft & sweet.

I know that mosquitoes are attracted by scents (like banana oil) & also that fleas can be repelled by faultless scents (like brewers yeast - vitamin B) - You really are what you eat. Make you blood taste yucky & they will start to head off you alone. The *big* problem is getting rid of the fleas PERIOD!

You see fleas don't live on the cats & dogs, they live in the carpets & furniture - lay their eggs there. They lone hop on the dog or cat for a meal.

I have great confidence in ADVANTAGE... my 1st time use be several days after bug bombing my house, flea bathing my cats & scrubbing everything - fleas were back hopping around smaller number than a week later & swimming in the flea powder I had sprinkled around the floorboards. I go to my vet in tears after all my hard work... Advantage be new on the market & she sent me home w/ a box.

I treated lone the adult cats & saw dying fleas falling off their whiskers w/in 15-30 minutes. I never bug bombed again... the house was flea free w/in days.

Once they bite a treated animal they are goners. The eggs hatch within approx. 2 week cycles, they develop into new fleas hop on a treated animal & they are dead. Regular treatment takes protection of any that get tracked into the house on your shoes.

PS - I also carry a tube in my suitcase for traveling. MY cats don't enjoy fleas, but that does not mean that the last person w/ an animal to occupy the room did not.
Get an exterminator. If you have a pet put a flea collar on it. completely clean your house, vacuum and bath everything.
Pull their teeth out.
flea bomb the house or call an exterminator.
If you've tried flea treatments and nearby are still fleas, then the flea treatment didn't work.

To get rid of fleas properly you need to a) treat the pet beside a licensed veterinary product (i.e. not one from the local shop), b) treat the house and environment, and c) continue flea control. If you stop the regular flea treatments, the fleas will come back. Only 5% of a flea population is on your pet - the rest is in the house. If you newly treat the pet, the fleas will come back.

Go to your vet and get something like Frontline Combo.

To treat your house, again, you have need of something proper from the vet - such as Acclaim. Vacuum your house pretty thoroughly - all carpets and floors, especially along skirting boards, and vacuum chairs/sofas and bed. Wash anything that can be washed. Then use the spray according to the instructions on the side. If you do everything properly then that should sort the fleas - whether you don't, or try and save money by buying a cheaper product - you're wasting your time.

Frontline can be reapplied to cats every four weeks, other preparatons may vary.

If the fleas are there, you can't stop them biting you. Best bet is to capture rid of them altogether.
Morph into a human
well to stop fleas from biting you your pets can't have them! Seriously try a flea comb they work great, try it when they are sleeping, mine approaching it. You can do like my brother would do at his house, which was put a pair of socks over the bottom of your pant than duck tape around the top! lol
Spray some bug spray on your legs/ arms... you must have a ton if you are getting bit!


I have a NATURAL remedy for getting rid of fleas surrounded by your house.

Go to the Store and buy some 20 Mule Team BORAX. (you find it in the soap isle if you can’t find it ask the manager to proclaim some for you)
Then sprinkle it all over. Carpets, couch, bedding, pillows, PET BED’s, car, even wood floors.
I hike around on the floor so it gets down into the fibers. Rub your hand over the couch, etc.


What Boax does is coats the eggs ... The eggs hatch deformed or powerless to reproduce.
You will have to do this 2 or 3x about a week apart in lay down to get all the egg cycles.

Since I did this I no longer have fleas within the house. Since you vacuume it up it is not a danger to pets or children.

FOR YOUR PET. Use the topical flea killer that is on the marketplace or wash with Dawn dish washing soap (make certain to rinse all soap out) and use a flea comb (this is also a head lice comb) especially for kittens or puppies who are too childlike to have insecticide put on them.
Kill the fleas that you find on the comb with soap or alcohol
Answers:    Flea larvae can live in your carpets and soft furnishings for 25 years - even whether you rid your pet of fleas, as soon as they sit in a place where there are dormant larva, oops, they wake up and back they come!

You need to treat your domestic as much as your pet, and there is no way of getting them to leave you alone for always until they are gone from your home!

Do NOT use shop-bought flea sprays or powders. You get exactly what you recompense for, and you will be treating your home every 3 week forever!

We use Stronghold, which we get from the vet. It is absorbed by our kitten's bloodstream. As he sheds skin (like dandruff) it settles surrounded by all the places the fleas like to be, and they feed on those skin cell and it kills them. Regular vacuuming (beds and curtains and sofas as well as carpets!!), and empty the vacuum cleaner, puts a stop to this vicious cycle.

Good luck!
very well first off, catch a flea, then rub the marmite on it, and view its reaction.
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