How can we stop our kitten climbing the curtains?

Our kitten Bella is 7 months old and we have just only just put up some new curtains. She keeps jumping up onto the middle of the curtains and consequently sometimes trys to climb the rest of the way to the top. I have heard that kittens climb curtains but we want to know whether there is any way we can stop her doing this?? We say no to her when we can see she is going to soar and it sometimes works but other times she still jumps and when we try to get her down she just trys to bite us. she is a lovely cat at times and loves cuddles but next she turns like this, why??
In the first place your kitten is of late doing what kittens do! She is a baby and she is full of the joys of living, you must have specified that kittens get into all sorts of trouble the same as human babies do! When she climbs the curtains lately lift her down and distract her by playing with her with a toy, don't freshly leave her to amuse herself but play games with her and give her your time. Keep adage no kindly but firmly and never, never, ever hit her. This will just make her fidgety of you for the rest of her life. And please do not even entertain the thought of declawing, it is cruel and disables the cats for life.

Fcuk Face you disgust me, a one liner so flippantly advise something that will disable a cat for life. You go get your fingers amputated, see how you close to it!
And the Mad too disgust me, advising hitting a 7 month old kitten. You should be arrested!
If you can't give fine advice then keep your idiot opinion to yourselves. This is a living breathing baby animal we are talking about!
you could return with your kitten a scratching post. my kitten kept on clawing at my curtains and chairs, but once we got it a scratching post, it stopped. also, cats are curious creatures, particularly kittens. it might just want to know what is on top of the curtains. try hanging the curtains up, next it might not be able to jump up and claw at it. De-clawing a kitten or cat is cruel. Believe me. i've seen lots of pictures of cats and kittens that be declared. the cats were all suffering from the declawing. i hope my suggestions work! GOOD LUCK!
Remove the animals claws!
You can clip her claws but be very practical - maybe get a vet to show you how to do it the first time. Basically, it is just clipping the especially ends of her claws (the sharp bits!) so that she can't get a good grip on the curtains. Again, please get someone who know how to do it to show you first.
For one, never de-claw a cat. vet's in the Uk wont do it anyhow. I have the same problem and I bought these sticky strips that you can put on furniture and fabric. the cats hate the stickiness on their paws and will stop trying to claw/climb things. someone I know also suggested spraying citrus on things as they don't like the smell but I haven't tried that. You don't hold to keep the sticky strips on forever just long enough until they enjoy learnt to stop. cats are always gonna be a little pesky appear to find everything fascinating, my cats are about the same age and im other finding stuff that they have pulled of work surfaces etc. After owning other cats I know that tend to calm down as they get elder, but each cat is different. Ive included a link to a website that sells sticky paw strips. they're faultlessly harmless. good luck
a squirt bottle with a single stream. Everytime u block her, squirt her and eventually, she will associate the curtains with the water. If it stops being significant, add a little lemon or vinegar but not too much. Just enough incorporate the smell of it.
Ok So i have a cat who had kittens then adjectives of a sudden they started climbing the curtains..scratching the sofas..and much more then i was within pets at home 1 day and found a nice cat scratcher type me it works..immediately my cat does not climb or scratch the curtains no 1 and see what happens
Get blinds because kittens are playful and they can not climb up onto blinds because they are not cloth like curtains they are something else that I do not know the name of but I conjecture that will work by the way Bella Is a cute name :)
I have a kitten of late now.
He climbs the curtains but we dont react to it because the curtains need the bin!
besides, if our kitten, Charlie, climbs up the plants we spray him with water.
also, its not outstandingly attractive but if you stick celeotape to the curtaints, your kitten will not like the inkling so will not go back!

get blinds instead. kittens are playful close to that.
We got blinds. The kittens systematically broke off all the bottom corners of the blinds surrounded by which they can reach from a nearby shelf, ledge, dresser, or even a gadamn stove. Stupid cats. They do that so they can sit and keep watch on the world outside. Break my damn blinds.
You can try squirting water at her every time she attempts to climb the curtains, eventually she will associate the dampen pistol + climbing = not worth the hassle. She's also still very much a kitten and that is what kittens do for the first few months olf their lives - explore absolutely anything, everything and everywhere. You can also clip the stop of her nails. This makes it harder for her to have grip of the curtain cloth, then she will less likely be capable of climb material. Clip her nails once every 2 weeks, this is more than enough to keep hold of them trimmed. Buy a good quality cat nail clippers from Pet Smart. I prefer the scissor type not the guillotine type.

Here's a site to show you how it is done.

Another route is to distract her with a toy you know she loves to play with. Catnip toys are great for distracting cats and kittens -

All my cats love these and can't get satisfactory of them :)

Getting a large kitty tower for her to play and scratch on is also another way of giving your kitten a course of exploring her surroundings, climbing to a higher point (like all cats love to do) and make available her something to keep her nails healthy by person able to scratch on the kitty tower and not your curtains.

Eventually, she will grow out of this. The only other entity you can do is pull down your new curtains and put up the old ones until she have grown out of the hbit of climbing your curtains.

One thing is for sure, with self-control and age, eventually, she will grow out of this.

All the best.
Answers:    Take no notice of the cruel suggestions to 'declaw her' or 'smack her on the nose' To the ones who say declaw her, you should go and get your fingers and toe ends chopped off along with your nails pulled out as that's what declawing is ! Its de-toeing and cripples cats physically and mentally, for vivacity !
To the 'smack her on the nose' try that on yourself and see how it hurts,yes it brings tears to your eyes and a cat's nose is much more sensitive than yours.
I've actually not long answered another question on a kitten running up curtains, she will grow out of it ! But meanwhile of late gently lift her down and distract her with a scratch post or cat nip toy.As I said to the other asker, how I wish our cat was still with us who did that as a kitten. Enjoy her kittenhood, she'll soon grow up !
a 7 month old kitten is at around the same development as a 14 month old little one, that is into everything and anything that stimulates or amuses them. Bella is just behaving usually, and all the people who advise declawing, smacking on the antenna, squirting water etc etc should hang their heads contained by shame. A living breathing creature being robbed of the ability to explore and learn. If soft furnishings are so exalted it may have been better that you did not have Bella, but I am hoping that you will grasp, what she is doing is normal, and she will grow out of it eventually. The reason she bites when you try to stop her is the same as a horrendous two tantrum when you take away something that you do not want a toddler to play with. Nobody said owning a pet would be effortless did they, grin and bear it my friend, the love that little creature will show you will be worth a thousand times more than any curtains, and last a lot longer. Please do not listen to some of the cruel suggestion that has been given to you about declawing etc, it does not work and it is barbaric, and the other practices are also not proven scientifically to work.
Try soft paws, and also cut her nail as short and dull as possible. You can also spray apple bitter (get at pet store) on the curtains and it is like a cat repellent.
Smack her on the trunk when she does it or put little kitten socks on her.
Remember cats don't really speak english so yes or no means nothing to them whereas a smack on the nose get the message home every time and they soon learn, sometimes you have to be cruel to be humane.
spray them with water my cats di the same single it was the screen door
put a scratching post in front of the curtains or have her declawed.
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