How do I find rid of little flies contained by litter box?

I have and love my 11 rescued cats-I have 5 litter boxes and clean recurrently but can't get rid of the little flies - help!
Have you have all of the cats examined by a vet? It's probably something that they're carrying the eggs for, inside their intestines, which are hatching out in the litter box.

I own something like that in my "bird room", and I hung up "bug catchers"...they're working great!

Hope this helps...Good luck.
They're fruit flies, and they're a affliction in the neck. It may sound foolish, but during the fruit fly season try keeping a covered, lined trash can outside. When you have food residue or peels from any fruits or vegetables, dispose of them in shopping bags or small trash plenty, then immediately put them in the can external. Don't permit them to remain inside the house. Keep any fresh fruits or veggies you have in the refrigerator instead of on counters or contained by cabinets. They're initially attracted to the inside because of these things. When there isn't an abundant plenty supply, they'll default to the litter boxes. If you keep the food items out of reach, they'll be smaller amount attracted to the inside. You can also spray a pesticide outside around all of the entrances to your home. Sometimes they're super insistent and you have to resort to using pesticides inside, but I don't recommend using anything inside without isolating the cats to a different room and leaving them in that until the product is dried. I haven't ever tried it because I've not had the situation get totally out of control since but you might also try hanging a fly trap in the room where the litter boxes are.
If your litter boxes obtain that bad, you should throw them away and get fresh ones.
You should hold more than 5 litter boxes. You tech. should have one more box than cats. So, you should have 12.
Answers:    Well since they reproduce and most likely are doing so right at hand in your kitty box you might want to really disinfect it. They are sensitive to several smells like lavendar and eucalyptus but the easiest to get your hand on is basil. Just mix it into the kitty litter. Its safe and cats don't mind it at all.
I've also hear that they hate the smell of coffee but I don't know if thats true
Supposedly sweet cloves are the absolute best.
throw it away and buy another one
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