How do I stop my cat from scratch at bedtime?

My cat has a very annoying habit of scratch the wall(s) and furniture in my bedroom as soon as I turn the lights off to go to bed. I own two other cats who get in there spots to step to bed and never give any problems. The third, is driving me nuts! I spend hours playing with him when I get domestic from work and he seems fine until it's time for me to go to sleep. I'm exhausted because I can't sleep as I'm constantly getting up to squirt him with a hose gun. I've even had to remove him from the room and close the door to keep him out but he just scratch on the door. I've bought scratching posts and cat nip and they are everywhere but he just uses the wall directly behind the scratch post. Cat nip makes him crazy and he'll start attacking the other cats and gets them all worked up. He's eight years older so removing his nails is not an option. I've tried cat relaxants but those were a trick and made him insane! He has plastic caps on his nails (which have helped with how much damaged is caused) but he still scratch. It seems like he's doing this for attention since he'll come to my side of the bed and scratch and meow while looking at me and next when I move or try to do anything he bolts under the bed and proceeds to scratch and meow on the other side of the bed. In his eight years he's always be a hyperactive kitty with a strong need for attention but he's getting worse as the years go on. I've have to lock him in the garage by himself since I just can't keep him anywhere else and expect to procure any sleep. I'm so tired and he's not getting any better. I don't want to leave him in the garage every night and would close to him to just relax and join the family on the bed and sleep similar to the other cats do. He's my little fur ball and I love him I just want him to stop so the rest of us can get some sleep! Any counsel?
put him within your room and leave the door open if he keep doing it go to the vet he might be depressed my cat was!
hope it helps

I'm certain PETA will be knocking on my door - but I would wrap his front paws in some sort of gauze or little socks...

Good luck putting them on.
Answers:    Maybe he is not getting on with one of your other cats and is insecure? Or maybe he has an issue near the dark, maybe you could leave a pallid on in another room or have a dim light on surrounded by your room and just see what happens. Also check with the vet again for any problems and they may know how to offer you some tips for his behaviour. Maybe a change within his diet will help calm his hyper behaviour down somewhat. Not sure what else to advise really, sounds like hell for you. Hope you find a solution. Goodluck x
my cat does about 6am every morning. it seems she's my alarm clock. i leave the doors approachable throughout the house and when she starts i check her bowl for food (in case she's hungry) and her litter tray (in case it's full) then hold to get up and play with her for a few minutes before she settles again. i assume they just want attention and waking you up is a sure fire opening of getting some!
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