How Do I Switch from Grazing to Set Mealtimes for my Cat?

My cat has always been given 2/3 of a cup per time of Indoor Cat, Science Diet, which was left out for her at all times to graze; she would not finish the entire amount, but individual leave a little left.

I lately went to the vet with my cat who said at 12.4 pounds, my cat is overweight. She said that the best thing to do would be to nurture her 1-2 times per day only. I am trying this, but my cat was so hungry I started feed her 3x/day + one snack, but my cat never finishes over 1/3 a cup per day, which is so little.

I am afraid I am starving my cat or making her unhealthy. What is the proper style to switch from grazing to set mealtimes? Is eating 1/3 of a cup per day too little?

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You simply do it. Also, it doesn't really matter how many times per day your cat eat. You can do two meals a day, three or four. The important article with weight management is that you enjoy a set amount for the day and you don't go over that.

1/3 cup per day doesn't nouns like enough food. I'm surprised your cat hasn't revolted!

If you want better ideas for forceful weight loss, see this:
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I'm curious about this as well because my vet have told me the same thing about my cat.
From what I saw, it would not be a real concern for me, but then I enjoy not seen your cat in person. I hold given you a link that allows you to assess body profile in determining if mass is a problem.

I would simply cut back on the 2/3 cup you put out per day, and let her verbs grazing. You really don't cut back a lot, and do it gradually.

Depending on the body/bone size of your cat, 12.4 lbs is not really overweight. You probably don't want to seize a lot higher, but it is not dangerous.
Dry food tends to put more weight on a cat. I'd nurture a mixture of canned and dry. And I'd switch the dry food (gradually) to Royal Canin, Wellness, or Natural Balance - Science Diet and Iams are both junk foods now - used to be correct.

Then cut back a little on the food and divide that up into 3 meals. After a few weeks, cut it posterior to giving 2 meals a day (morning and night). And try to get your cat to exercise more to help out lose the weight.
Answers:    actually, you can help your cat lose weight contained by a much healthier way.

Science diet food is actually pretty low aspect food. if you look at the ingredient list, you'll see there is thoroughly little actual meat, and it is full of fillers.

If you feed your cat a high protein, low carb high moisture content diet, you can truly free feed it. Now there is no dry food that fits this bill. You'll want either a can food that is loaf or pate style or a raw diet. I have see stories of many overweight cats being free fed a "species appropriate" diet and they lose cargo - including my friend's cat.

check out for information on which diets fit into the 'species appropriate category. It is run by a vet who actually studies feline nutrition. Most vets whip just a general "animal nutrition' class and later rely on the pet food companies to tell them what to sell.

Check out her section on sly obesity - for examples of cats who have lost weight individual fed as much food as they want.
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