How Do You Keep Cats Out of Christmas tree's ?

I have 5 cats and i got my christmas tree's up right now. And i am wondering whether there is anything to keep my 5 cats out of my christmas tree's this year?
Good Luck!! i know as soon as i put my tree up my cat is going to climb it or something lol my sister say put moth balls or lavender around the tree ..but im not sure this will work.
There really isn't much you can do to keep them out of it, you simply have to be smart about what you put on it. I think the push button is to make it less appealing for them. Try not to use any ornaments that are small enough to fit within their mouths, so they don't choke on them. Also consider whether your ornaments have pieces that can break off in covering the cats DO get them. These can choke them as well. NO TINSEL EVER - They can eat it and die from it. I use beaded circlet - my cats don't seem to be as interested in it. I pretty much keep the bottom branches free from any ornaments, apart from for the garland.
I also try not to get any ornaments that are shiny and likely to attract their attention.

We own a kitten this year and will be tying the tree to the ceiling.

My cats usually get bored with the tree after it's be in the house for a few days.

Wish I could help more. Best of luck!
We use the water method. Cats can't figure out how come when they go and get near the tree.the tree squirts water at them and they leave it alone.

(we own a water bottle nearby, but don't tell them). We put the the nonbreakable stuff at the bottom and anytime they draw from near the tree or show interest they get hollered at. I would also spray a little Bitter Apple on the lower flimsy strings/cords.

And be sure you NEVER use the shiny tinsle stuff the some decorate the trees with - those strands will murder a cat if they eat it and try to swallow it.
Well I've been trying to digit out the answer to this question myself! However, after asking for advice from various sources, I enjoy a few ideas of what to try:

1. Get citrus scented body spray and spray it all over the tree and around it (while the lights are unplugged of course).

2. Sprinkle pepper around the tree

3. Take a green envelope and overrun it with cayenne or red chilli pepper, poke a few tiny holes in it and hang it within discreet places around the tree.

4. Fill a can with pennies and shake it whenever the cat goes near the tree.

5. Set up a motion sensor to your vacuum, next to the sensors around the tree.

6. Set up mouse traps (upside down, of course) around the tree under the skirt.

I suppose any of these techniques could work on any area you want your cat to stay absent from!

By the way, some people suggest using Icy Hot or Vicks Vapor Rub within various ways- but DO NOT! If the cat happens to get a hold of it on their proboscis or they indgest it, it could kill them.
my cats love christmas trees. its so fuunny!!...

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Some people put their Christmas tree inside a child's playpen. Makes it harder for the cats to return with at it. I've also heard of people suspending the tree from the ceiling so it's up over the cat's head. I don't know how successful either method is, though.
It is not easy to prevent cats from climbing on the christmas tree because they find it exciting and interesting to climb on it and find it amusing and adore the chrismas decorate balls of unchangingt is unhanging christmas balls and plays them as a toy.The only road is to keep them in another room
I have two cats and during Christmas they constantly play near the low ornaments and bat at them. there's nothing we can really do except for put unbreakable ornaments low and put the breakable ones up high.
Answers:    You don't keep a cat out of a christmas tree. Just formulate sure the tree is firmly attached to something. If not you will be picking up your tree every 10 minutes.

Been there done that lol
spray them with water every time they progress near the tree.they will start to know it is off limits.
No. they will find a way in your tree, Unless you grasp a fake one. They are attracted to the fresh smell and feel of a natural tree, esp. whether they are indoor cats only. Also, all the dangling things are great toys. DO NOT USE TINSEL...EVER!!

Merry Christmas

our cat climbs our fake tree its in truth kind of funny i let my cats do this just i don't put chalice ornaments up
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