How much cold can stray cats withstand?

Currently I have 2 stray cats, mother and baby that may been coming around my house. Since it have gotten cold, I opened my enclosed wooden porch to them. There are windows and adjectives are shut, and they have a bed with a comforter and a blanket, a chair near a comforter, litter box, and food and water 24/7. Will they be ok inside this porch, even in the extreme winter? I worry whether it gets below zero. I do have one other choice, I could open the door that leads from the porch inside into my laundry room. There is a door that will close them off from the rest of the house. I just now found a cat I was caring for in like peas in a pod manner, a home, but these 2, I am not sure around. They may be too ferrel. They are sweet, but they do not want to be touched and I would hate to adopt them out to someone who may later throw them out. I would like to own them spade before spring so they can go outside again. Funny entity is, right now, they do not want out. I already have three indoor cats, and I do not want to expose them to any diseases/viruses that these cats could possibly have.

Please do not answer this examine and insinuate that I am cruel for not taking them in permanently. I am doing my best to help them. The concluding cat that I found a home for needed medical attention fast when I found her and I took her to the vet to get her pills, so please do not call me cruel.
Food, water, litter and a place out of the wind is really good, any true feral won't build eye contact and retreats immediatly from humans, so I suspect these are strays, not ferals.

They'll gain trust over time, if you act the same process each day. It may take up to 3 years to know how to touch them, but they'll grant you trust they won't give anyone else.

That's how we got 2 of ours. We're feed 3 more on a regular basis, and hoping to get them tamed down more.
An adult cat who is acclimated to cold weather can be fine at temperatures as low as zero, if she has shelter from the wind and rain.
A kitten is a immensely different story. Kittens cannot adapt to cold nearly as well.
I would make them a house to go into... wood with a small door and insulation inside adjectives 6 sides.
then they can lay on top of it when they want and go inside when it is really cold.
I would lug them to the vet and have them spayed/ neutered now so that come spring you won't enjoy 12 more cats.
They would have a nice place to recover and this will end the cycle.

great that you are a lost kitty mom.. accurate work.
As long as they have a place to be thaw - a box with warm blankets out of the wind - and food and hose down, they will be fine. Cats are very resilient creatures.

That being said, the warmer the nouns you can give them, the better, especially with a kitten. If you can tolerate them into a slightly warmer area, great, if not, they will survive - it sounds close to you've already done a lot for them.

Bless you for saying that you want to get them spayed and for taking safekeeping of them throughout these cold months!
I grew up on the farm and we have stray cats around all of the time. As long as the Cats can get out of the wind and are contained by good body condition they should be fine. The cats we had around would eat sour of the food we left out for the dogs and would sneak water out of the livestock tanks. It would win below 0F a lot in the winter and we would still see them from winter to winter
With shelter from the winds, they can do pretty well. But I have a suggestion that you look at the link I enjoy posted as to a simple shelter you can make, and leave on the porch that will provide them with a bit more high temperature than they probably have.

If they are too feral, it requires a person with experience to work near them before they are adopted out. You are right to want her spayed before Spring, and the sooner the better. That might require a trap. Once the kittens are weaned, the risk of her seeking out a mate increases. She also would want to drive out her kittens.
Answers:    We live about 100 miles south of the Canadian border, and it gets to 30 below nil Fahrenheit here in the winter. Unfortunately, there are cats outside surrounded by that. Many of them do survive, although loss of ear tips and tails to frostbite is not uncommon. Your feral cats are in a much better position, and whether they have each other and adequate bedding, food and hose, they are probably quite comfortable on your porch. Congratulations on doing your best by them, including the spaying, even if they must continue to live on their own lingo.
You're not cruel - it's good that you care about the stray cats at adjectives.

The cats should be ok on the porch. If they're out of the wind and have a place to snuggle under a blanket or even some feeble newspapers, they should be fine. Cats grow thicker fur in the winter, just resembling dogs, and are pretty tough. Especially feral cats. I live in a cold climate and feral cats hang around all the time, year round, near no problem.

Farm cats in my area also live for years and years and spawn dozens of kittens despite our very cold winters. Here, we generally get below 0F a few times a month.

You might also want to put out some cat food for them if you like. Scraps are dutiful too. They'll eat anything.
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