How much do flea injections for cats cost?

Also: What other injections should cats have received (ideally) by the age of 5? my cat is neutered and as a kitten had injections but hasnt be back to the vet since..

Many thanks!

It depends on the number of fleas you want to inject.

First of all, you have to corner the flea and then pin it down so
you can inject it.

Say about $2 for each flea?
You don't obligation injections for fleas - just a spot-on treatment such as Frontline, Advantage or Advocate. Cats should receive booster vaccinations each year for Rhinotracheitis (now call Feline Herpes), Calicivirus, Panleucopaenia and possibly Feline Leukaemia. If your cat is kept completely inside then it is not quite so important as vaccinate cats who are allowed outside.
appointment the pound they got a special day a month for just what you want
It depends what the cat's size is and what disorder he/she has to actually tell you they are just about maybe $45. Good Luck with flea injections and your money spent well.
Answers:    Cats need Distemper, Rhino, Calici, and Rabies.. at a clinic surrounded by CA that costs about $17.00. If you dont' protect your cat from these things they could be very sick when they get elder.
If the cat had all the injections as a kitten it just wants a booster shot every 2-3 years depending on the serum the vet uses.
btw there is no flea injections(if they are around I am sure they are highly expensive) of late use the stuff you put in their food once a month that works well you can get it from the vet or Petco)
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