How much does adopt a cat from a shelter cost ?

i live in oceanside ca and my gf wants to adopt a cat from a shelter but how much do you have to take-home pay for one
About 85 to 100 bucks..but they have there shots and are fixed.and in some cases they are micro-chipped
I agree with Katzeyes, my cat got a really fruitless urinary tract infection, he spent three days in the kitty emergency room, it cost me over $1000 and the special prescription food I now have to nurture him regularly to avoid another one costs me $55 a month. Don't take owning and caring for an animal lightly. They rely on you for their survival.
I don't know, different shelters have different prices, but love4liferescue has some for free, already neutered or spayed. Try their dot com or a call for.
Dude...just grab a free kitten from necessitate to spend money. Look in the classfieds ads. They should have a place where on earth they giving away free kittens. But anyway to answer ur sound out... dpends...some states is diff i think. Over here where im at...its 40 or 45 bucks. So come on...don't waste ur money. Get it for free some where on earth else
Answers:    Listen Honey, if you are concerned about the cost to adopt a cat from the shelter then you probably cannot afford to steal care of a cat.

A typical cat will cost:
Veterinary care will typically run from $100-$200 per year, including office visit, vaccinations and medications. First year vaccination costs and spay/neuter will give to this.

Food for a cat: $300-$400 per year.
Cat litter: $100-$200 per year.

Total cost, not including treats, toys, beds etc. for a cat: $400-$700 per year.
Sometimes as little as $25.00
San Diego County shelters have a half-price special last month, which made it about $25.00. I don't know if they still do. If you check out, their website will tell you. The regular price for SD shelter cats is $59.00. This includes shots, worming and speuter, which makes it a very biddable deal!
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