How much should a kitten weigh at 7-8 weeks?

I am getting my kitten in a week and currently she is 7,5 weeks old and she weighs 450g.
In this book I hold, the weight for 7 week old kittens is estimated 400-900g, but in other petsask.coms I found that they should weigh a pound a month so by 8 weeks = 2 months = 2 pounds = 907g.
My kitten is comparatively small, her mother is siamese and her father is british blue, so I think her weight is quite okay, as long as she keep putting on (she does put on every day).
I also think she wont be a very big cat and she is out of 7 kittens in her litter, I once read that the more kittens at hand are in a litter - the smaller they get.
I just wondered whether my kittens weight is good or not since I dont have any proper experience near cats or kittens and my first kitten died very young, so Im scared in the region of my second one now..
My cat is 8 weeks and he is 1kg!! but he eat alot and he is healthy. So your cat is waaaay tooo thin! You should feed her more!
On the average, its about a pound per month of age - so a 8 week old kitten should weigh something like 2 pounds. This works up to about 8-9 months old.

With the kittens being smaller, its not astute to get them at 8 weeks - ideal time is 10-12 weeks and the longer these kittens are allowed to nurse, the better they will be. I would not rehome them till at least 14-16 weeks; otherwise you may enjoy some feeding/gaining weight problems - they are too fragile to be leaving at 8 weeks old.
Answers:    depends on breed.

mom only have 6 nipples, kittens beat the snot out of each other for those 6 nipples, someone goes hungry.
yours might be underweight for this intention.

see the vet as soon as you get her, new kittens need a vet. they can hold several common, easily treated problems, like worms, which will also lead to her to be underweight.

i have taken in sick starving kittens that looked resembling they were going to be a very small adult, singular to have them grow into a full size cat, because i fed them regularly.

and consider adopting two, or more, kittens. cats are exceedingly social and they play very hard. two kittens amuse and comfort respectively other. one gets lonely and tries to find a way to play by himself. without a sibling to chase , face and bite, they try to chase tackle and bite you.
you can take her to the vet .cuz the vet should see it around 6 to 8 wks of age to get the firt set of shots
it depends on what breed of cat
and whether it is an inside or outside cat

it should be around 3-4 pounds
i am not sure what it is in kilograms
but most cats whether treated right will become healthier at the later age
my three cats all have problem with eyes weight legs you name it
but very soon they are about one year old and they are perfectly fine
hope your kitten get healthier soon
About 60kg.
Do you similar to my kittens describe?   Should I call upon the vet in the region of this?   Whats going on here?   Lately my cat have be doing grotesque things lend a hand me?