How to remove a cat's eye boogers?

Kittens eye boogers are dark and look gross. How do I remove them?

Note: Tried removing with warm mop up cloth; did not work.
you just have to keep bathing them. its taken me 2 months to capture rid of my kittens.
Please DON'T use your fingernail or finger to get the boogers bad. You could scratch the eye area and cause your cat plentifully of pain!

If your cat's fur is stained from the tears, there's really nothing you can do, it's just how your cat is.

Use a verbs, soft face cloth with some warm river and a mild soap like Johnson & Johnson's no more tears (for human babies).

You could also try to use a sterile q-tip and the J&J soap, but try not to use too much soap (dilute it a bit with hose to get some suds)

Good luck.
if you go to a pet store they sell eye wipe, i dont know what they're called though
If its just normal eye boogers and not an eye infection or other problem later just use your fingernail and scrape downward and the * will come right off. I do this to my cat adjectives the time, works easily.
Answers:    For my cat (boo who has allergies and has a constant buggery eye) I purely take a kleenex and wipe it off.
First of all, take to vet to make certain its not sick. If not ill, try a warm washcloth with tot shampoo - no tears!
If it's an infection, they need to see the vet.

just scrape them off near your finger nail or finger. a wet wash cloth will work but you own to try a couple of times.
Hmm. My cat has one eye that's all leaky constantly. He's be like that since we adopted him from the shelter..
We just use a tissue. The staining from it doesn't come rotten but the gunk does...
i know it's gross, but u just have to find them out w/ ur finger, that's wat i do w/ my cats
Wash them with warm hose down and then put a thin layer of triple antibiotic emolument on the out side of the eye lid and wipe off the excess.Try not to get the stuff in their eyes but basically on the outside . This will clear up most bacterial infections that cause the eye to weep. You may hold to do it for once a day for two or three days.
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