I accidentally kill a cat?

I feel horrible,disgusted and guilty about this whole situation :( The other darkness i was washing one of my bfs white t-shirts.when i went fund in the laundry room to move the shirt to the dryer,there was already a nouns of white clothes in there so i thought that i would just put the shirt next to the rest of the clothes to dry.i shut the dryers door and turned on the cycle.a hour later,his brother comes in the room and tells us that he open the dryer and that the cat was in there,unresponsive. i didnt even see him in there b4 i shut the door.and now i surface horrible.this was his family pet that they been have for many years.im afraid to tell his fam cuz they are going through alot as it is.i dont know what to do anymore i cant stop crying,my bf wont talk to me.im freshly terrified. if only i can run back in time and check thoroughly, this would of never happened. :( what should i do??
First of all, I am so sincerely sorry to hear that this happened. ~*big hugs*~ Trust me, you're not the solely one who's had to deal with an not deliberate cat death. (Several years ago after my female cat had a litter of kittens, one of my sister's boyfriend's be leaving, didn't watch where he be stepping, and killed several of the kittens that usually and enjoyed staying by and on the door steps. It pissed me stale because though he did say 'sorry' I don't remember him showing an actual guilt about it like you do, and that lately made me more upset.)

As difficult as it is, as terrible as you feel, trust me, go to your boyfriend's ancestral, sit them down, and tell them what happened in the clearest track possible. Apologize deeply. As terrible of a thing as it be to do, it's NOT like you did it on purpose or that it was done nastily.
Also, as painful as it will be to hear, I know that they'd rather have you come right out and relate them and apologize a bunch of times rather than try to hide it or come to them much later and bring up to date them.
Yes you feel bad. Yes you feel guilty. Yes it be your fault. But this was NOT intentional. This was not something you expected to happen, and you are deeply sorry about it. Besides, how be you suppose to know that their cat liked laying in clothes?! If you didn't know in the past hand and no one told you, how many populace ACTUALLY go through dirty clothes to find a cat? Not a lot because, typically, cats have ample sense to at least leave or make clatter when the pile of clothes their on is starting to get moved or jostled about.
It's easier to sit them down as soon as possible and give an account them, rather than to wait. Waiting makes things harder and more self-conscious. It's like removing a bandaid from your arm. If you do it little by little (waiting to tell them), you're only making yourself needlessly suffer more. If you lately rip it off (tell them sooner rather than later), it can get done and over near that much sooner.
Yes it will be downright unpleasant, but you CAN do this. You owe it to them, to your boyfriend, to their dearly beloved cat, and, most importantly, you owe it to yourself, that you do this.

Once again, I am so, so, so sorry to hear that this has happened. ~*big hugs*~
I will definitely tell him that it be you. I know it will be a very difficult conversation to have, but if you dont-you will regret . I would basically explain to him what happend-and appologize left and right! What would happen if you never told him the truth and he somehow found out,years latter? That would be far worse than finding out now.
Answers:    So sorry. I own heard of this happening before. It be a accident. You will have to come right out and tell them as this is the best route to turn. Apologize offer to pay to bury it or cremate it. In time offer to obtain a new cat. Of course you are going to feel guilty and terrible to be exact natural. I don't know of anyone who would not. But it was a accident and could enjoy happened to anyone. Just reminds us all to be more careful when doing anything and check for pets and animals around us as this could be anyone. Just do the best you can do i.e. all we can do. Again so sorry this happened. Good luck with your boyfriend and inherited. And prayers go out for kitty.
Apologize to him and after by him a new kitten that looks exactly like his cat.
You should buy an other cat eacatly like peas in a pod color and type!
why do you keep posting this? you've posted over 3 times already.
well i feel freshly horrible too here's wat i would do:tell ur friend then offer to bring back him a new one if hes a good friend he'll adopt the fact that his cat is dead best of luck

good luck,

just burry it.
You kill a CAT?! Well u should feel guilty and if ur boyfriend breaks up wth u i wouldnt be surprised.killing a line cat
Jk lol ive seen ths drama in movies it didnt ruin the clothes did it?
Sorry about your friend's cat. It be an accident, and you had no intention of hurting him. It is one of them situations where zilch said or done will bring anybody comfort..unfortunately it is like losing a family unit member and your friend needs time to grieve. He will probably be angry for a little while motivation anger is easier to feel than the pain of losing someone you love. Let him have his space and hopefully he will come around. TRY not to defeat yourself up, I know, easier said than done, I would be in tears also, but blaming yourself robs you of the campassion you need to forgive yourself.
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