I found my cat's grave dug up this morning?

when i went outside to say a prayer for my cat by her grave, i found the grave dug up. i buried her ending week and i buried her with her diamond collar. i think someone must have grave robbed my cats grave. what should i do? should i report this to the Police?
was your cat gone or was only the collar gone from your cat?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Well, I don't think it's totally out of the question to suspect a human is astern this misdeed, especially if anybody else knew your cat have such a nice collar. I don't think calling the cops is such a bad idea. I also infer hitting up any nearby pawn shops is a good concept.
Are you serious? If so, I'm sorry...that is why I had my little Pom cremated. She will always be secure with me.
report it. who knew roughly the collar? is there a chance that another animal may have dug it up? be it a deep grave? no matter i would make a report. a grave is a grave, plus someone be on your property.
definitely. if the grave is in the burial ground it's worse. but with the diamond collar, you should.
be the cat gone? If so, it could have been a racoon or a skunk..perhaps even a coyote.
I am sorry that you lost your cat. It is other so hurtful when we lose a friend.
Is this even real?
don't think there is much you can do. i would NOT give the name the cops what can they do. put out an apb
It doesn't hurt. I've never heard of it happening, but if it's a diamond collar next hell yes. It would probably make them try a little harder too.

Sorry for your loss. I know how sad it is when pets die.
Was the body vanished and collar gone then yes u should but if nothing waz gone afterwards no mabye a dog dug it up
Add more detail was the collar stolen or the body and the collar.If it was the collar heck ya.But it could have be a dog or sumthin.Sorry for ure loss i have a bunch of cats it would break my heart if one of them died.
it was probably just another animal as said beforehand skunk, coyote ect...
Answers:    I grain your pain. I myself had a similar experience. I recently buried my cat Sizzly within my backyard. One night I heard growling coming from my backyard and went out to investigate. I put on my slippers and robe and armed myself near a flashlight. I went outside and saw a big dog digging at the grave. I was so silly. Luckily I was able to chase the animal off up to that time it had dug Sizzly up. The next day I go to the local quarry and got the biggest stones I could carry and loaded them into my saloon. I drove home and placed them on Sizzly's grave. Now I rest comfortably at night and no flea beaten mongrel can desecrate his hallowed grave. And presently, no one we ever get his ruby necklace I buried him in. Best of luck surrounded by finding the perpetrator and hopefully our two kitties are together in heaven playing ticket and waiting for us to join them on the other side.
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