I tried to rescue a stray kitten and the kitten be so angry that it bit me, should i be alarmed?

I went home immediately and cleaned the bite but presently i am hearing from others that i need to be alarmed about rabies. Does anyone know what the time put a ceiling on is to receive the shots? It happened 12/4/08 and thought about going to the ER on 12/6/08. Is that waiting to long?
WASH THE BITE. The cat could have rabies or some disease. You may not hold to go to the ER. Just call your doctor for advice. If it starts to ooze and gain red, go to the ER.

Hope I Helped.
Cats once in a while carry rabies, they would LOOK sick and act sick as well--plus if it be a kitten, they would not survive more than 3 days with the rabies virus (an adult cat only last 10 days). One of the signs is that the cat can not swallow, the virus freezes their throat muscles.

I would not be concerned, just make sure your wound isn't hot to the touch or growing painful--that medium bacteria was still in it and you'll want an antibiotics shot if that happens.

Everyone screams 'rabies' on the other hand don't do the research. It's a knee jerk reaction. Bats are the prime carrier in the midwest, and raccoons on the east coast. Worldwide it's dogs that are the biggest carriers of the disease.

If the kitten looked healthy and be not hunched up with spiky back fur and half closed eyes, after you don't have to worry about anything but possibly microbes in your wound.
Answers:    Yes, you should be alarmed, but not overly so at this point. And no, it's not too postponed.

It's uncommon for domestic animals to have rabies, but you should still be alarmed because it's not one of those things where you can hang about to see if you get sick. Once you show symptoms of rabies, it is too late, you will die contained by a week (give or take a few days).

It is not too late to begin treatment to stop the potential rabies from getting to the brain (where it afterwards becomes deadly). The incubation period is often weeks to months. It's preferred to start in 24-48 hours, but you should begin treatment immediately (unless you now enjoy the cat and can quarantine it).

This gets a little confusing, but I'll try to make it logical. The rabies virus is transmitted through saliva. But in order for it to be present in saliva, the animal must already own had the virus hit their brain. Once it hits the brain, they begin showing symptoms and die quickly (days).

It is possible that they carried the virus, but they cannot transmit it until it hits get into their saliva (which is when it hits the brain), which can take months from the time they got the virus.

This is why they do the quarantine. If the animal is still fine after 10 days, then it is safe and sound to assume the animal did not have rabies in their saliva at that time that it bit you.

It could still possibly have rabies, but it wasn't contained by their brain yet (and hence not in the saliva), so it would not pose a risk to you. If the animal were to die or show symptoms within that quarantine period, then you would seek rabies treatment IMMEDIATELY upon the animal showing symptoms. The sooner you begin treatment the better, so you should definitely go to the ER.

Although rabies is uncommon, especially in the US, it is invariably fatal disease that you must hold it seriously. Again, it's unlikely the cat had rabies, but infection is much less uncommon and the doctor will probable give you antibiotics.

My husband got bit while bathing my mother's cat and developed cellulitis (and infection) and had to be hospitalized.
Rabies in the US are sporadic but most often occurs in fanatical animals. This kitten has not been living in the unreserved with other animals that would carry rabies and bite it.

It's more likely that bacterial could own been injected under your skin; if your foot begins to swell or look red, then call your doctor.
Stray cats are typically frightened by humans, so biting or scratching is a common aversion to defend themselves. It is highly unlikely that the cat has rabies. Rabies is exceedingly rare in cats.
However, most animals (even healthy ones) own strong bacteria in their mouths that can infect our blood if the skin is broken. Many times cleaning the wound properly is sufficient, but whether it starts to swell or turn color, just go to a Doctor and they will give some simple medication.
Some rescuers wear heavy garden gloves when working with strays.
The kitten was frightened, poor little thing.

It's unlikely that the kitten give you rabies. Not many feral kittens have rabies and it's generally more adjectives in warm weather. If there be a rabies problem in your area, it would be well publicized. But you do want to keep a very close eye on the wound.

Here's an article about cat bites that might be long-suffering:


good luck!
Rabies might not be a big concern, but infection is. My own cat bit me (got freaked out when trying to present him medicine) and within a few days my thumb was swollen and oozing. I recommend a trip to the doctors. I was given a tetinus(sp?) shot and a shot of antibiotics. Eventually it heal up fine, but it really hurt when it got infected. Poor kitten...I sure wish general public would be more responsible with their pets.
I live in units and they are SOOO oodles stray cats around its not funny
I feed them everyday and i have also rescued lots of little kittens
and trust me they where completely mad at me they hissed and spat at me :(
but you are doing the right thing please take it to the vet so they can put him down. Trust me its the best article to do in the long run . poor little thing
I would go as soon as possible. I got bitten by an animal and get a shot that day. If you get a shot soon, you're fine, but if you hang about, you'll have to get tested for rabies and I heard that's sore. If the kitten had any kind of bite or scratch on it, bring the shot immediately.
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