If my cat eat a rat can he capture a disease?

He can, yes, but the chances of it taking place are low. Dogs and cats have a fairly good immune system, which will slay most diseases their prey would carry, however the more nasty diseases a cat'd be more prone to catch. Still, it's dying out for rats to even carry these diseases.
It is possible if the cat is not up to date on his shots. The cat could also get worms because most rodents have fleas and are carrier of tape worms. If the cat is up to date on his shots and dewormers, he should be fine, but keep an eye out for any sort of different behavior or sluggishness.
I hope not! My cat have been eating everything that she catches for the unharmed summer. She has probably not eaten more than a few cups of cat food in the finishing 4 months. She had a physical a couple of weeks ago and the vet said she had never seen a more able-bodied cat.
Probably not, but I wonder if you think a cat will well take a rat. Not too many cats have that skill, and a rat have formidable weapons with claws and teeth. The cat may not catch a disease, but the cat may come out the worse for wear.
Rats now and then carry rabies, which other than mange, would be the only two diseases he could return with from it.

However PARASITES are another problem. Externally there's fleas. Internally there's tapeworm.
The cat can catch any disease the other animal was carrying. A lot of parasites stay busy for a time after an animal dies. Not to mention blood born infections and diseases that could have been transfered during the kill, including rabies.

Answers:    Weils disease/leptospirosis can be caught from rats and is serious both for humans, dogs and cats. My cats are fully inoculated and have never had a problem. Unfortunately we can't be with them adjectives the time so who knows what they eat. Dirty bins contain botulism and listeria etc but cats will still eat something that we wouldn't even touch consent to alone ingest. If ur cat is jabbed against all feline diseases later he/she should be ok.
Yes, but if your cat has his shots he will probably be ok. Rabies vaccine is especially significant. Cats are pretty tough...mine have eaten a mouse and were fine.
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