Is it ok to sleep next to my cat?

Is there some sort of health disadvantages if you do? I'm not allergic though.. I'm purely asking
yes it is absolutely okay just bring in sure that you don't lay on it. Some cats are very cuddly we have 10 and they sleep near us.
It's lately fine for your cat to sleep with you. Unless you have allergies, there aren't any apparent health risks involved. Very few things are communicable between humans and cats, so unless your cat has ringworm, scabies or something similar there's no need for verbs. I have five cats and they all sleep with me most every hours of darkness. I've had cats sleeping with me since childhood and am 40 now. I've never have a health issue related to the practice.
no problem,cats are a very clean pet,some love 2 sleep beside their slave,u know they r in charge,so go on and catch some zzzzzzzzzz beside your best friend
It's practically impossible not too. I've have two cats in my life, and they both liked to sleep on my foot or legs.

Unless you keep your door closed, your cat's bound to climb in eventually. Mine works her way around the house every darkness going from bed to bed. She has her own bed, but rarely sleeps in it. She prefers to snuggle beside a warm body.

There's no health problems associated with cats sleeping surrounded by the same bed except for allergies which you have none. I would construct sure she's flea & tick free, though. I would hate to be snoozing with those little critters.
Its fine as long as you don't mind. The cat may decide its theiur bed though, so you will any have to hold your ground or get used to sleeping where the cat isn't. I see my cat in my sleep every once in a while. I wake up and look at her, and she glare at me but doesn't bother moving.
Yes!! It is totally normal and healthy. My husband is even reasonably allergic to cats and is not bothered at all, when our 2 cats sleep with us. Our older one even let me hug on him while we sleep! They tend to sleep more with us in the cold months and less when it's hot. It's sweet and cozy! It's a sign that they love us and want to be effective. It's fine. ;)
What do you mean you are afraid your cat will catch fleas in your bed? It is an indoor cat! That finances no fleas/ticks. Are you worried you are going to give him fleas?
No, unless u verbs your cat everyday.
if the cat wishes to sleep with you good luck in stopping it
create i couldn't
cat knew when i was going to bed and would run to the room so i could nt shut it out and would hide beneath the bed till i went to sleep so i couldn't remove it when i got to the room
it was kinda cute but i stopped try to toss it out so it comes at her fun now
Yes, it`s O.K. But you must other that cats can easily get fleas. Always ask for advise from your vet how to verbs your cat. This is very important.
I have three cats that sleep with me. They all own their own spots. And they each are very happy where on earth they sleep. If they're indoor cats then there's even less to worry going on for since they're not exposed to fleas and ticks.

Mine have slept with me from the beginning..and will till the train!

Enjoy the babies!
Yes. My first cat slept near me all the time. I could tell how cold it was by whether she considered necessary to sleep under the covers or on top of the covers. We currently have 3 cats; the two boys are downstairs on the primary floor, and we let the female, who has medical problems, stay upstairs (so she doesn't carry bothered by the younger male who wants to play). She sleeps with us and go back and forth between my husband and me. And sometimes I will flake out on the couch downstairs and end up near both the boys sleeping on me. We call it "absorbing cat-ions." =)
I love it when my kitty sleep with me, and I'm allergic. I must be nuts. But, I love them and it's nice to have the warmth and affection
About fleas/ticks, not much to verbs about if you keep him inside.
Answers:    I think if he's willing to share his bed next to you, then go for it. Mine have be generous enough to share theirs with my husband and I for the ending 9 years. The only health disadvantage to date is loss of sleep when they want to be fed at 4am!
If you know the cat is healthy (shots are up to date and all) and you are not allergic to it after there is no problem!
He's not going to get fleas or ticks from sleeping on you. I sleep with all three of mine every darkness. They fight amongst themselves for the "prime" spots on my body to lay on. *laugh*

Just enjoy it and don't worry. Everything will be fine.
yeh its fine does it sleep on top of your bed if it does its okay its okay i think i hold two cats that both sleep on top of my bed and im fine!
I love the winter time. My cat usually sleeps on the bed either over me, or leaning on my legs. When the weather gets cold, she nudges me to consent to her under the covers for a snuggle. The worst thing to happen is black shed fur on the white sheet! Unless you hold fleas or ticks, I doubt your cat will get them while sharing your bed. I guess you could sneeze from fur next to your face, but apart from that, I enjoy had no problems with mine. She is an indoor/outdoor cat and very verbs. Actually, sleep deprivation might be a problem! Mine settles and just as I am dropping off, decides to verbs herself, sometimes shoving a stretched out foot in my face!
Of course it can keep each other warm :)
Yes it's okay to let the cat sleep with you I don't reckon there are health risks involved except perchance a stiff neck from trying to sleep around the cat. Is the cat indoor only or indoor outdoor? I personally wouldn't want my cat sleeping beside me if it spent time outdoors just because dirt and fleas would be more of an issue. My cats have other slept on the bed and I think the only problem I run into is when I'm away overnight I can't sleep as very well because I don't have my buzz saw kitty purring over my head.
yes it is ok to sleep with your cat
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