Is it possible to euthanize my sick cat (dying of crf) w/morphine drops? I can't tolerate the other risk...?

My cat has been progressively getting sicker, though he's still eating some and is joyous when he sits in my lap and I take him out every daylight for an hour or so. He still has some quality of life, though nought like before. I feel unpardonable watching parts of his personality going away and know that he may not have that much time not here.

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried this, or if it would work - to get hold of morphine drops and administer them myself when he becomes fatally ill. My friend's friend died of kidney disaster when he stopped dialysis, and the doctors basically gave him morphine until he died (took about a day) and he experienced no distress.

The thought of someone coming over and administering a lethal shot is unbearable. Are there other option, like crushing a tranquilizer like clonopin, and overdosing my cat and have him die peacefully contained by his sleep?
I realize your pain My cat had to be put down recently. However, you should never administer drugs to your cat by yourself. In your friend's armour, the doctors gave his dog the pills, not him. Also, he knew exactly what pill he be using. Your medicine is not the same as his, so you could cause your cat greatly of excruciating pain before he dies. Take him to the vet to be put down. I know it's hard to find a vet at present, but you can't do it yourself.
You need to enjoy a professional put him to sleep if you want to euthanize him. You may make him worse or make him suffer whether you try to purposely overdose him on something. If he has a bad reaction and starts vomiting, have diarrhea, etc, then he's just going to suffer that much worse.

If he needs to be euthanized, you can still be beside him during it.
Answers:    the shot that the vet would give him is basically doing the same article you want to do with the morphine drops. He'll go to sleep first and then will die.

I witnessed this for a kitten who have been run over and needed to be put down - he was purring when he drifted off. My friend's elderly cat did one and the same thing when her vet put her down- fell asleep purring and just didn't wake up.

This chance is a lot more humane and less risky than the morphine drops.
I am almost unquestionable that when your vet administers a shot to put your cat to sleep, it is completely painless. the shot just puts them to sleep, and then they die painlessly, because its basically an overdose of some kind of anesthetic. I don't think it is a good thought to give your cat morphine drops. It might just make things worse. Leave it to your vet.
To ensure your cat passes as comfortably as possible, you need a professional to administer the euthanisia. There is the opportunity of something going wrong since you're inexperienced and you'd hate for the cat to suffer while you rush to the nearest vet. I'm pretty sure there would be lawful aspects to consider as well. Having your cat gently put down by a caring vet is the best opening to go. I'm very sorry for your situation. Love to your kitty.
In my opinion what your doing is the same as noxious injection. I can understand that you want the best for him but you might not give him enough. I surmise its best to go to the vets for this kinda stuff.

I really wouldn't recommend doing this to your cat. yes, the run out result is the same, but it's much, much kinder to allow a vet to do it. They know what they're doing and can make sure your babe-in-arms passes on peacefully.
please don't do this! take your cat to the vet & have them put him down instead of poisoning your cat! it's more humane.
No No No.Do not try this ! Are you NUTS?

There is nothing wrong with euthanizing your cat whether he/she is in pain & dying. Do not keep your cat alive whether they are suffering. Think of the quality of life. I've had to euthanize several times. Sometimes within is nothing you can do.

I've had cats my entire life. 25 years. I also foster for two organization and see the vet all the time. I have tons of experience.

Please take my guidance. If you allow your cat to die in his sleep you are only torturing him. Take him to the vet & than adopt another cat immediately so your grieving process isn't as impossible.

I'm sorry you are going through this, but wake up and take responsibility !
I would definitely not ever consider doing that. As the other poster said, it could definitely cause serious repercussions (seizures, vomiting - worse than you could imagine) and still not surpass.

Going to a vet or having them come there is a very restful way to go, and they don't just euthanize them next to one shot - they give a barbituate first to really relax your cat, and then they give the final shot which is nearly instantaneous. This is a much more humane way to have your cat put to sleep.

If your cat still has point of life, keeping his bowels and all and is happy sitting contained by your lap - love him for as long as he is not in pain. He loves you and relies solely upon you

Please do not try to do this yourself - it could be disasterous and outstandingly traumatic for both you and your beloved cat.
You don't need to drug your cat, you don't know what your'e doing and so you could clear the cat a lot more sick it might not even die after that. You don't want to do this.
I am so sorry for your kitty. I've had to be in that situation before, but I must make a clean breast, I agree with Pretty Kitty on this one. The Vet knows how to effectively euthanize your kitty. You obviously know it's better for him to enjoy some help going and you obviously care so immensely much about him. The reason your friends vet gave the cat morphine is because they know he was on his way out within 24 hours. Personally, I would enjoy skipped the morphine and gone right to the euthanasia. It's a very difficult decision to make and I'm certain you'll make the right choice. Good luck to you and love and hugs to your kitty.
Do NOT do that to your cat! Don't even think about it!

Take him to a vet and let it be done the proper agency! It's not painful, and all the vets at the hospital where on earth I work will give the animal a sedative (such as Telazol, you can request that the doctor use it first) so that the animal is sleeping when the second shot is administered. And I know contained by my hospital at least they use what is basically an overdose of an anesthetic.

But definitely do NOT try giving your cat anything at domestic. While many of the meds used on animals are also used in humans, if you don't know what you are doing you could extension up causing the cat more pain or have something else turn wrong which will make him die, instead of peacefully and pain free as he would in a Vet's department.
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