Is it run of the mill to lick your cat as whether you be grooming her because it feel caring?

I got a pet kitten a few weeks ago. I've grown very close to her. I sometimes even feel as whether she's my child. I was wondering if it is normal to want to lick her as whether I am grooming her. My cousin feels she wants to do the same entry with her kitten. Is this odd?
economically it is a bit odd...but its normal to feel loving towards a new baby pet. It will probably pass..and whether it doesnt..then maybe just lick her..?? lol i dont know you should desire..:)
hope i helped
This behaviour is dangerous as you risk a toxoplasmosis infection, which whether you are pregnant or have weakened immune system can be very serious.Close chief to head contact with your cat can result in ringworm.
All common cats and kittens are well able to groom them selves and derive great physical pleasure from doing so. Stroking your kitten and playing with her will provide her beside great pleasure and stimulation and will reinforce that close lifelong bond between you and her which to a cat lover is one of life's great pleasures.
I can enunciate that most cat owners do not do that, and that a cat's tongue is better suited to the task of cleaning its own fur. However, if it feels right to you and the cat doesn't intellect, go for it.
I other kiss my cat. But I don't lick him, well I did it once very slightly to show him affection his way, as you said, but my tongue be full of cat hair afterwards, so I guess it is normal to want to do it and perhaps try it once, but it is not a upright idea to do that in general.
It is commonplace to feel maternal towards a kitten but to lick them would have no benefits for any of you because cats tongues are designed specifically for grooming their coats effectively, they have rough tongues that remove and pull out the loose dead hair like a comb and chemicals in their tongues make their coat have a feeling and smell fresh afterwards. A human tongue would only dirty a cats coat more and make it smell afterwards because it is not designed for this task. Also cats bring up hairballs after swallowing them, humans are not sufficiently expert to do this and would just have a mouth full of bits of fur and can feel indigestion beside any they do swallow. The kitten is best left to groom herself, she is better designed for carrying out this task. Just give lots of kisses and cuddles instead.

Edit: In that covering yes it is normal to want to groom the cat emotionally although we wouldn't carry it out in practise and BTW appreciation for the thumbs down, greatly appreciated!.
haha, i think it would only be unusual if you actually did lick her. and what part of her do you want to lick? honourable luck getting the hair off your tongue. otherwise i guess that would be maternal, not that i hold ever heard of a human licking their baby though.
Honestly, I think you're a * crazy character. No one likes freaks like you, so please, go droop yourself, freak. STOP LICKING YOUR CAT'S PRIVATES. Luna doesn't like it. :)
i know it sounds abnormal but I've wanted to do it before but I've read that our saliva and theirs is completely different and theirs acts as a innate deodorant so in the long run you're just making more work for them lol
but i guess you'll be bonding with it
lots other ways to build a relationship, dont lick your cat.
I rub my face on my cat to have them think their mortal groomed, and also when i hold my face infront of my kittens they lick my nose this is our kiss, but i wouldn't ever get them surrounded by my mouth?
I know u love them but they do carry disease x
what you are really saying is you need to find true love and own a baby if this is not possible for adoption is absent to help our human social problem pets are pets and should not be treated like baby's
i wouldn't lick her, but i know where you are coming from.
ive had my cat since he was 5 weeks so hes close to my baby to and i sometimes rub my head on his head cos its close to what mother cats do to groom them, (kinda without the licking) & he loves it so yes i know what you mean.

your not a freak but id enjoy to say licking isn't normal, but your feelings are.
i do it to both my cats and dog, its bonding, and they "groom" me. especially thedog. they usually love it.
believe it or not i used to kiss my cat sassy on the mouth lucky i did not get sick ..lick? errr i dunno whether it makes you happy and does not make you cute as cats are they do chomp through dead animals (birds,mice.ect) and can carry around illnesses . be careful.
Love, kiss and hug your furball. Do not lick him/her. That's just opening a door that does not requirement to be opened. Yuck, yuck, yuck!
Answers:    It is perfectly majority, you feel as if the kitten is your very own blood child so you want to thinking of it anyway possible and seeing as they wash with their tongs you grain that you should do the same because it is your kitty and you want the best for it, but seeing the species difference you have reverted to her way instead of our style because you also know that cats don't like water and grooming with their tongs is the channel that they do it. you just want your kitten to feel as comfortable as possible because you love it very much and to you the kitten isn't a cat it is an actual human mortal that is your child that is in your total care. you just love your kitten like a child that's all.
honestly mate i devise you need to see a doctor because noone licks thier kittens its un natural
yes this is very odd .
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