Is my stray cat pregnant?

There's a stray cat that I started feeding. I kind of feel that she might be pregnant create I feel her tummy's out a little but am really not sure motive it might also be because I'm feeding her good all the time. I tried to check her stomach but cannot digit it out. The thing is that I already hv 2 kids and I am pregnant, so will absolutely not be able to help yourself to care of her if she is pregnant.
I am planning to take her to the vet soon to find out. I really have need of to know how much the vet would charge to do all those tests, to find out if she's pregnant and adjectives.
Also, right now she climbs up our fence and goes to the roof and adjectives, so I wanted to know if pregnant cats can jump up the fence and all. Cause if she's jumping and climbing the fence, then maybe she's not pregnant, right. I'm just hoping she's not mete out I really do like her and want her to be around but can't keep her if she's pregnant.
dont worry roughly the cat, if she is pregnant she can do it all on her own. that's what is so great about cats, they dont inevitability any help when they are prego, and they dont need any help when giving birth, perhaps just give her a good spot to preserve her babies so they dont get hurt, like put a box with some blankets out near for her to nest in.. ( you should it to her so she knows its there. and hold feeding her and she can do the rest..
my cat is pregnant right now and she is still climbing on top of the fridge and jump around and playing with my other cat, so dont sweat it hunny!
the vet will tell right absent. it shouldn't cost that much just to determine that. she might even just have bloat from internal parasites(worms etc)
If you don't want her but can afford for a time extra, get her fixed and still let her be a stray or only just find a shelter for her ASAP
Answers:    If she's a stray and have not been spayed, the chances are very accurate that she is pregnant. She'll be able to jump and climb until very past due in her pregnancy too. You may want to find a home for her.

Good luck!
Best to try and find her a biddable home right away. You've done your best and have a great deal going on in your life. Call around to the local shelters, etc. and see if you can draw from some help.

good luck!
Please do not adopt this cat as they can be very expensive without being pregnant as they entail wormed every 3 mnths or sooner if u see signs and they will need to be flead every 5 weeks at a cost of 15 pounds for 3 courses call the protection league
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