Is their a breed of cat that stays small resembling a kitten forever?

I have had tons of cats but they grow up to be fat sleeping lumps. I love adjectives my cats but I want a kind of cat who is energetic and young and cute.
Yes, there is. The ragdoll breed are deeply small, and stay small.

You could also look for miniatures in a breed.
There IS a breed (domestic) called Munchkin cats:

Breed standard
TICA : standard
Not recognised by FIFe, CFA and GCCF
The munchkin is a relatively new breed created by a mutation that causes achondroplasia, or more probably hypochondroplasia as the cranium size is unaffected, resulting in cats with curiously short legs.[1][2] The breed originated in 1983 when Sandra Hochenedel found an extremely short-legged black cat living under a trailer surrounded by Louisiana. This cat, named Blackberry, was pregnant and half of her kittens be born short-legged. One of Blackberry's kittens, a tomcat named Toulouse, became the father of a breeding program that established the breed in North America.[3]"

I would approaching to add that because of those BREEDERS who experimentally breed different types of cat to come up with something "pretty", or shorter legs or whatever, MANY of those cats come out next to Hypoplasia. I have a cat with Radial Hypoplasia, see pic. From my own extensive research, those breeders that interbreed end up euthanizing the cats that come out beside deformities and not exactly as they wanted (with the shorter, twisted legs, surrounded by my case), and this just makes me ill to the maximum.

Here is a picture of my "Tiny Dancer" who have Radial Hypoplasia and he is the most loving, adorable, beautiful, gentle and kind-hearted cat I may have ever owned - I love him more than any "perfect" interbred cat, that's for correct!

Now if this is not a super-cool dude, I do not know what is! :o)

Oh! And the Singapura is a small breed like you are looking for - the other person is right, generally no more than 6 pounds.
The Singapura is the smallest breed and they grow to newly over half the size of an average cat. They are playful cats, so you could say they are kittenish as adults. My Singapura weighs in the region of 2 kg and is still payful at the age of 8. They are a rare breed so you may have to go on a breeder's waiting inventory and may have to travel to find a breeder. They should not be significantly more expensive than the average pedigree cat. They should not really be kept as single cats as they crave company, so it is ideal to buy them in a duo, or to buy a Singapura kitten at the same time as rescuing a cat or kitten if you are lucky/unlucky enough to live within an area or country that has a problem with cat over-population.
If what you want is a small cat, then I would suggest going to a shelter/rescue and looking at the adults they have in attendance. With kittens it's hard to tell what they will grow up to be. Adults are full-grown (of course!) and their personalities are prearranged. By selecting from the adults you'll stand a much better chance of getting exactly what you are looking for.

Ragdolls are really large cats, BTW. The only "breed" I can think of that stays small is the Singapura, and they are pretty scarce, and expensive.
Cats can become "fat sleeping lumps" but I think it is not entirely the cats fault. Caring for a cat involves more than food and litter. Cats call for to play. They need mental stimulation .In the wild cats hunted for prey. They still have that stalking intuition. A long string with the bell or feather on the end can be drug around the house and most cats will find this irresistable. They chase,stalk, pounce and it's both interesting and at times very funny. A bird feeder placed where a cat can watch will provide mental stimulation. Cats today are sofa potato's. They are bored. They do not have to catch food, all their desires are met. Play with your kitty. He will seem young regardless of his age. He will stay noisy and of course, cute.
If your cats grow up to be "heavy sleeping lumps", they may not be getting enough exercise or getting too much food. I have an 11-year old (plain dated DSH tabby) that acts like she's 2 and runs around the house with my kittens. I even own a 17-year old that is arthritic and creaky that will still chase a string if I drag it across the room! But I own a very strict feeding regimen, I take them to the vet regularly for things similar to routine blood work and dental care, and make sure they bring back enough exercise. Any cat of almost any age that is contained by good health and not overweight can be active and playful for tons years.
If you want a playful CAT try the Himalayan breed. Very energetic, and stay that passageway in most cases, depending on how they are raised.
People don't realize that their home vivacity plays a huge role in how they behave later on. if it's shown lots of affection, and played next to alot growing up, it will stay frisky..if it's a pet, that's "just there" to feed and amendment his litter, no he won't be as playful as he ages.
I have one cat that is around 10 years outdated now and just slightly larger than a kitten. I don't think she even go 5 pounds, and, most of that is mouth. She really isn't very playful, never was playful but boy is she loud. I also adopt a cat from a coworker last year that he had to give up (he'd have the cat for 12 years, he was 24) His new wife couldn't stand the cat after they got married (I bet when she be trying to hook him she like his cat well enough) Anyway, she told him to put the cat in a shelter, I said the cat would die within a shelter so I added him to my "boys" It was a miracle, I brought him in and the 4 of them got along approaching they had always been together. After the initial breaking surrounded by period where Joe hid while he familiarized himself beside me, the boys and the new house he just became part of the pack of the family. He's a big solid boy, probably goes 18 pounds now and nearby are times he's a bit of a lump, but, this cat is the most playful cat I've ever seen. He runs through the house like a wild man. He's other running, jumping and playing. He does some of the cutest things I've ever seen. Yes, my coworker did the right thing, supply me the cat and let the new wife make him grasp rid of his cat, I'd have kicked her so fast to the curb she wouldn't know what hit her.
not that I no of but thar probably is
There are naturally small cats and smaller breeds, but none that stay kitten sized as adults. The smallest are about 6 lbs. full grown.

The smallest known breed is the Singapura - again almost 6 lbs full grown.

EDIT - Ragdolls are a very large breed - 15-20 lbs. and there is no such point as a miniature cat.
Answers:    I'm sorry but whether your cats grow up to be 'fat sleeping lumps' then that's a reflection on you. Stimulate a kitten to be lively, playful and responsive and it will stay that channel well into adulthood and even old age. My second cat died of old age at the age of 17 yrs and was STILL playing with her little catnip mice and still playing next to me with a glove i made for my hand fitting dangly bells from each finger closing stages using a strip of ribbon on each finger end to attach them. Responsible ownership and stimulation is the key factor clearly lost here.
There is some that are called munchkin cats that stay small, with very short legs, and in fact look a little weird.
If they're "fat sleeping lumps" it's because you're feeding them too much and you're feed them cheap food made mostly of corn. I have four cats and all four of them are active and playful - even the 12 year antediluvian. So you're obviously not doing something right.

I don't think you should get any more cats. If you want cats to stay "immature and cute" then volunteer to foster kittens for your local shelter. You'll take care of them when they're tiny and once they're ripened enough to be adopted out they'll go to topical homes, then you can get a new litter. But by asking this interrogate I'm thinking you're not somebody a shelter would accept as a foster parent. You have to be caring, responsible and matured.
i know there is a midget cat that has smaller legs!

And those munchkin kittens are a joke.. They are cats next to short legs. Not even a 'real' breed.
yes a ragdoll breed
I don't actually know of a kitten the stays small forever.But I do know that the answer about ragdolls is completely wrong.Theses cats grow up to be 20# -30#.They are however beautiful and cuddly near a great temperament

Thank You
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