Kitten 5 mo declawed using yesterdays communication litter pooping on hearth rug. lend a hand?

What are you asking? Your press doesn't make sense the way that it is written.
No vet of any integrity would have declawed a kitten that youthful. Declawing is cruel. Declawing is not like removing your fingernails. It's more like cutting bad half of each of your fingers.

Plus, at five months, you haven't really tried to teach the kitten to not claw things and to train it to use a scratch post or other alternative.

For the rest of your life, I hope you will work very hard to maintain that poor kitty indoors and safe. If she was recently declawed, consequently the litter may be a problem. It might be due to pain. It might be due to a litter change. It might be due to absence of her much-needed body parts that enjoy been removed.

Be patient and work gently next to the kitten. The problem may pass as the kitten adapts to this new disability. If it does not, consult a NEW vet. The vet who did this have no ethics. Don't go back to that vet. He or she should own given you better advice.
Answers:    It could be that she doesn't like the new litter. Some kitties are incredibly particular about their litter. You can try using shredded paper, but don't use any clay or clumping dispatch until 10-14 days after surgery. Also, her paws may be hurting. I'm sure your vet prescribed pain meds for her. Make certain you are giving them as prescribed. If she still seems painful, ask your vet about refill the meds. Cats won't necessarily let you know that they're in pain. If she's a moment ago not acting like herself, chances are that she's hurting. Not eating or drinking as in good health as usual and hiding are some signs of pain. Be sure that you look at her toes at least twice a sunshine. (Morning and night.) Look for any redness or swelling, and don't let her lick her foot. That can open the incisions. If that happens, just telephone call your vet. The incisions can be easily re-glued. Hope that helps you.
You must provide a proper sand-litter you can find surrounded by a pet's store. The scoop-able one is much better and do not smell.Cats are very clean animals and they need a nice litter box to do their trade in it. Outside of the litter box put an small carpet where the kitty can verbs its pow.
baby's paws probably hurt. use shredded newspaper for presently, instead.
*keeps mouth shut on declawing*
ably you got her declawed?! poor cat! she might be fustrated. watch her. if she poops on the rug show her somehow to poop within the litter box, like feed her alot of food and when she has to poop, bring her to the litter box (at lowest your cat dosent poop in the yard lawn close to a dog)do that for 3 weeks it works!
She's in pain. You should contact your vet, near are pain killers that can be prescribed. They have to be for animals, base on their weight. Tear up newspaper or paper towels and put those surrounded by her litter box.

Why in the blazes would you declaw a kitten, instead of training the poor thing and learning to clip it's nail? Ever hear of a scratching post & water bottle? HOW AWFUL. You never should have declawed her within the first place. How would you feel if the first joint of respectively of your fingers was chopped off? People who don't want an animal with claws, and teeth that jump around, have no business owning an cat, when the furniture is more important than the animal's welfare.
She's in tremendous pain. De-clawing does not freshly remove claws, she had the equivalent of you having your fingers amputated. This will probably pass as she become use to not having paws to dig beside. Give her a couple of days.
It mostly because you didn't change the type of cat litter slowly. So it's no used to its texture and stuff. Your kitty paws still hurts. Try adding "CAREFRESH Pet Bedding " it's found surrounded by the small pet section in the pet store. Is not hard and can effortlessly be dug into.

"For Cat Litter: Carefresh is ideal for postoperative care (for recovery from declaw surgery for example). Flush used litter down toilet (one serving spoon at a time), discard with the trash, or incinerate. "
bah, to adjectives you declaw-haters, I'm sure it's better to declaw than to be euthanized. I'd choose temporary pain over destruction any day
The cat's feet hurt to get into the box to use the litter, it's looking for a spot that's better on it's painful toes.
Declawing is cruel and unnecessary & illegal in many countries.
Sorry - don't understand your cross-question - be more specific.
How sad for the kitty. Poor point must be in agonizing pain.
Maybe you shouldn't have chopped off your kittens fingers.

EDIT: To all you Declaw lovers, why would a kitten be euthanized for have claws? is it ok for someone to torture you as long as they don't kill you, since torture is better then death? I didn't construe so.
I guess you don't want them having their claws because obviously you are a bad owner, and afraid they will attack you for it.
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