Leaving my cat domestic alone for 4 days?

Hello! Should I leave my 7 month old kitten (who will be 8 months old (a) the time of my vacation) domestic for 4 days with a lot of food and two litter boxes? Or should I board her? I will be gone for 4 days and 3 nights. The closest relative that I trust to monitor her is an hour and half away, and she HATES the car ride. Should I board her at my vet or leave your job her home? I just can't fathom her being adjectives alone for 4 days while momma & daddy have a blast in New Orleans! What do you think?
All pets know when their owners are around and at home, even if we deem they don`t.
Therefore they don`t like being left alone.

Either bring back someone to pop in each day for a short while, or quit her at a cattery.
That is wrong of you to leave your kitten alone while your rotten on vacation. Having a kitten or any other baby pet is like have a child of your own they cant be left alone it is wrong and in humane and besides that put your self in the kittens shoes how would you perceive if your owner left you all alone for 4 days you and she might lose trust surrounded by you, and might want to leave your kitty with one of your close friends or loved ones. So please do the right thing and clutch you kitty with you. Besides your kitty sees you as its parent ! :) Good Luck !
she will be fine. we have not here our cat home alone for a week before. the only doomed to failure thing about it is that when we get fund she's kinda mad the first day but after that she's fine and its just resembling we never left.
Why don't you just exit your kitten with that relative you were talking in the region of? Just drop her off on the day you leave (or afternoon before) and pick her up when you get back, if your relative doesn't intellect. Provide the food, litter tray and anything else she needs and you'll have a stress-free holiday.
If that doesn't work, try hiring some kind of company to come round every year to check on her, although she might get scared. I'd get this adjectives sorted in advance so you don't have to run around trying to sort it out on the time before your holiday.
i think u should board her at the vet

If she were an adult I'd simply leave her with a lot of dampen and food but considering her age and the mischief she's sure to get into I don't think it's sheltered for her. Board her OR pay a neighbor ten dollars a day to come check on her and make certain she hasn't chewed through and wires, hehe.
Board her, or hire a service that will have someone come by the house and check on her every day. Leaving her alone in the house for that long could organize to her getting injured and your stuff getting destroyed.
Cats really can take aid of themselves, dogs a little but different. Cats are made to clean themselves, entertain themselves.. Our cat is 1 year mature weighs 17 pounds. When me and my husband leave to go anywhere, we generally put him in his room.gues room (cat's room), he has his own bed and toys. We come home and he is nouns asleep. cats really can take of themselves... just make certain that the litter box is completely clean, put him lots of food and water and he will be okay
You should see whether a friend will come over every day and check on her. When my husband and I go on vacation my sister normally comes over and makes sure our 2 cats are okay. She usually brings my nephew and he plays next to them for a little bit also. You can leave a couple things you've worn on the couch or bed too. I never generate my bed when we leave b/c them smelling your scent comforts them. I would never leave my cats at home for 4 days near no checkups though. As for boarding your cat. Taking my animals somewhere and leaving them overnight w/o knowing the person freaks me out. When I took them in to get hold of spayed and neutered I cried. I guess if you personally know someone and they will do a suitable job you could do that. I know my cats would probably rather be home alone since they aren't vastly fond of strangers.
I think it is ok. As a kitten main at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College, I studied these facinating creatures, and I beleive that it is quite alright. Back then they would always be alone short their mothers. Just give it a lot of love when you get support.
You're right, I think she'll be fine whether you leave her for 4days,
or if you have a friend whos feeling like to keep her for you then that would be great,
that's what i do, and it's the best way to build sure she's in safe paw just incase something happens to her when you're gone
I know people say that you can leave cats by themselves since they are independent. But I would NEVER depart from my cat alone for 24hrs let alone 4 days. They still need human contact. Can you board her or maybe hold a "pet sitter" come in?
I'd board her, just to be on the past the worst side. 4 days is a long time to leave a cat all by herself, even if profusely of food is left. (You'd have to leave abundantly of water, too!) Plus, at that age, she might not like being on her own for that long. I hold two cats, among several other pets, but I feel uncomfortable leaving them alone for longer than a afternoon. If there's really no one else to trust who can drop by to check on her once a day, board her at a vet, or find a good kennel that can help yourself to her in for a few days. (Vet offices tend to be very loud, so if she's a kitty that prefers quiet, a kennel may be a better choice.)
i would just leave her i think she will be ok only just make sure you put alot of food and water and i dream up one litter box will do...i leave my cat at home for 3 days 2 times a month and does just fine
Answers:    Go & enjoy a look at your local catteries and check them out. We went away for just a couple of days surrounded by September & no way would I have left my cat at domestic alone. Well worth the lb20-00 to know that she was safe, warm, capably fed & cared for.

I really really missed her though
why dont you ask your neighbor to take care of her? i dont think its such a apposite idea for you to take her along cos it might effect your holiday. leaving her at your vet is a accurate idea too :)

have fun!
Leave her at home. Cats don't like to travel and they discern 'saver' in their own teritory. They don't like to change places. The cat will be happier at domestic by herself than going to some 'unknown' place with different scents.

Make sure she have enough food, plenty of water and clean the litterboxes back you leave.

It would be good if you could enjoy someone to come and check on her maybe once a day. Just to make certain she is not stuck somewhere or didn't do anything stupid. Maybe ask your neighbour (You can pay him/her some $$$) if she/he could come and check on her while you are absent.

Believe me, she will be just fine! :)
I would put her in a cattery if you hold no one to look after her as she is be very distressed if she is used to have company then has none.
Leave her with all the above and one of your old shirts next to your scent. She will be all right. Also, she may be mad at you for leaving her so trademark sure your bedroom door is closed. My cats tend to poo on my bed when they are mad at me. So I always hold the door closed when I leave for work or when I am out for a long period.
I reckon she'll be fine, definitely happier than being at the vet's. When I took my cats at the cattery, they didn't eat for 4 days. They be scared. So I guess even if they were upset and hungry at home, they'd still be happier. However, objectively they'd be safer at the vet's, you'd know they are fine.
Has she ever been left alone approaching for 2 days, 1 night? If not, perhaps you should do that, be away even for 24 hours, so that she can bring back used to the fact that when you are away you will come back, and to see how she react. I mean leave for a day or two very soon in order to prepare her for the time you'll be gone longer, does it make sense?
I wouldn't propose leaving her home alone. She will be lonely and might get terrified. If you can afford it, board her. Then you will know for sure that she is well taken care of and have company.
damn you!.. you have no heart!.. bring him along with you to your vacation.. because thats your pet.. you shoud me responsible for it!
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