Liquid squirted from cat's butt when I picked him up?

I picked up my cat the other day, and a bunch of brownish liquid squirted from his butt. What could cause this? This may be TMI, but it didn't smell close to regular cat poop -- it just smelled icky.

Generally, he seems healthy -- shiny coat, damp nose, eats regularly. He does seem to drink profusely of water.
Answers:    cats and dogs have glands on either side of their rectum call anal glands. They use these to mark their territory. There is no need for concern unless it keep happening. Sometimes your vet will need to express the glands to keep consequently from becoming clogged
LOL... that is anal gland secrections, it is normal, doesnt generally happen, some cats actually go into the vet to enjoy them expressed..but he did his already, and yes the smell..fishy almost is the worst
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