Most personable, lovable cat breed?

One that LOVES human attention, and would be willing to be with the human all time long? A true companion?
I would say the british shorthair.

I have a boy, call Harrison (8 months old) - he follows me around all day, when I sit down on the sofa he jumps onto my nouns and practically demands to be stroked and when I stop he'll actually place his paw on my hand to catch me to stroke or cuddle him some more. ADORABLE.

He is a pedigree and GCCF registered and to be honest, never had a cat like him - i've had 3 other 'normal' domestic cats and they've adjectives been little buggers, but Harrison is definitely worth the money and the 5 hour trip I took to get him:) Despite what the post in the past mentions, pedigree cats ARE smarter and make better that extra bit of money for a full lot of joy.

I'm looking at getting another female shorthair as a buddy (he's already been neuter so not for breeding). I have now completely fallen leader over heels for the breed.

I would tell anyone to get a british shorthair - take my warning:)

Sara xxx
really i conjecture it has a lot to do with how they're brought up. be they handled by people a lot. did they come into contact beside other (friendly) animals.

i do however recommend either siamese or turkish van as they're known for their dedication to people (want to follow you around and know what you're doing and 'help' you do it).

i enjoy a shelter kitty that is most likely part/mostly turkish van (as per websites and a cat breed 'expert') and he is very cuddly, sweet, intelligent and wishes to be with us/me all the time. but we've also babied him from 9 weeks and have him sleep with/on me and occasionally hand fed him and are with him nearly all the time.
Answers:    no one breed is more loveable - infact most of the times it is the DOMESTIC (mixed breed) cats who make the best pets because they are not loaded with genetic problems from inbreeding..

this correlation discusses the differences between mixed breed cats and purebreds.

I suggest you check your local shelter for a nice loveable Adult cat (with kittens you DO NOT know what their adult personality will be like)
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