My cat appears to own a red bump on his bottom lip?

I was hanging out with the cat quicker and I noticed he has a pretty big (not gigantic, it looks kind of approaching a pimple) red bump on his bottom lip? ...Or, I guess right under his mouth. Not necessarily his LIP lol. But I'm kinda worried about it, we've had problems beside spiders here, especially brown recluses, and that was my first inclination - be that he got bit by a spider. I'm not even sure that could harm them? I'm not really certain how else he could procure a bump like that. If anyone has any knowledge on this style of thing, I would be more than grateful to hear your opinions before I only just become over worried and rush him to the vet. Thank you! <3
My cat used to get them adjectives the time. The vet said it's probably from the bowl he eats out of. He was eating out of a plastic one. She said most cats are allergic to the plastic. So I changed it, and it hasn't happen since!
Maybe you can post a picture? I wouldn't be worried about a spider unless it is having other symptoms. My cat only just had a red bump on the corner of her mouth, but it looked like a pimple to me. I squeezed it and a "plug" came out.kinda approaching a pore got filled with dirt. It heal after that. If it keeps growing you may need an antibiotic.
Take him or her to the Vet to see for sure what has caused it.
It's probably nothing. I would keep an eye on it.. if it get worse over the next day or two it might be something you want to have checked out. But whether it doesn't then I wouldn't worry about it.
Answers:    Could be a symptom, spider bite, pimple, or tumor. Most likely pimple. Just take the kitty to the vet and get it diagnosed. No one online can give an account you what it is unless they can see it and get better information. Good luck!
hmmm...i guess spider bite sounds like something.
Take him to the vet, you never know.
Hope he's okay & stays that way!
Caught a tomato on it's lip. My cat does that adjectives the time! Or it could have a blob of ketchup on it.
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