My cat ate steel wool...?

I recently moved into a new place, and my cat found a bunch of steel wool shoved into a hole within the wall (presumably to keep mice out) left from the previous tenant. I found him eating it this morning, and I've disposed of it, but I think he may have be eating it for a while, because he's been spending a lot of time surrounded by that corner lately (now I know why..) =\
He seems to be okay, so far, but I know that can't last long. Has this happened to anyone, do you know what features of health issues I should expect, or how high of a vet bill I should expect?

**That being said I do plan on taking him to the vet. Hence the "how much does the vet charge, does anyone know?" sector of the question. Please DO NOT assume I'm just trying to get out of taking him within. I'm asking for previous experience with a similar situation, maybe some existing HELP not snide remarks about how this is a question for a vet.**
About the cat, I am not sure as to what the cost would be, that vary with each facility. About the steel wool, I would wonder why it was in that, could be mice, but also could be roaches or worse, bedbugs...have it investigated.
Oh, no, poor kitty! Take him to the vet ASAP! The small metal fibers could cause a lot of internal disfavour to his intestines.

The cost of the vet will depend on what the vet has to do. If he requires surgery this could cost several hundred dollars. The vet will tell you the cost before he begin and treatment. As a side note, if you end up have to take him to an animal ER the cost will be majorly higher.

Answers:    If he ends up needing the vet after adjectives (or even before that), I'd ask about payment plans. Some vet will let you pay large vet bills contained by installments.

I think some vets do this to encourage those w/o a lot of cash on hand to still bring their pets contained by. I know that my vet has plans available, and I got some really cheap "catastrophic" insurance for indoor cats.

Poor kitty, I wonder why he thought the steel wool was something he'd approaching to eat?
Take him to your vet nowadays for an x-ray. It could be clogged in his throat, stomach - if it gets into his intestines, that manner serious and very expensive surgery (approximately $7,000 where I live).

Better safe immediately than sorry later.

I wish you and your buddy-kitty luck!!
when my ferret had a blockage, the surgery was around 600.

It really would depend on the area, the precise vet, how much he ate, and how it happens to be passing though his system. If the vet decided the cat is fine, it would newly be the vet fees. It could go up if you have to see an emergency vet, or whether they decide to take an X-ray, or if they resolve they need surgery.

We can't really help you as far as cost. Just call the vet NOW and bring him there as soon as they say. If your vet is closed, call an emergency one.
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