My Cat Bites Her Tail Until It Bleeds?

We all know how cats are almost obsessive more or less keeping themselves clean.
I brush mine almost every day and oh course she loves it and have very few if any hairball problems.
But I looked at the back of her tail the other daytime and she has pulled all the hair out at the underpinning and in fact will sometimes draw a little blood while cleaning herself.
Is this middle-of-the-road for a cat? I feel like mine is OCD.
You know what it could be? There is some cases where the cat's bottom and top's of their tails will carry irritated from all the cleaning. So she was cleaning it like cats do consequently she got it irritated so maybe make certain she doesn't lick her tail even thought that will be hard but try until the irritation goes away. Hope she feel better.

OCD may be closer to the truth than you suspect and surrounded by fact overgrooming has been classifed within the OCD department. Some cats do have neurotic habits and overgrooming is one of them. It is a strategy to deal next to anxiety.

While it is not "normal" behavior for a cat, it is not uncommon. I have an Oriental Shorthair that has chewed several patches of fur off his body, down to the skin, and has sometimes scratched the skin lower than his chin till it is raw. He does not have fleas.

Make an appointment with your vet, who can prescribe medication to help control the behavior. My cat's OCD behavior has been dramatically controlled near proper medication. It took a few different meds to finally find the one that works best, but well worth the outcome.

Good luck to you and your kitty.

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She could have fleas or a parasite. Ring worm cause hair loss and itching. Take her to a vet. If you don't have the money, many local animal shelters can refer you for low cost services.
My first inclination is to think that she may have fleas or a flea allergy, although food allergies can sometimes cause this symptom. There is also a condition name Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS), sometimes called Rippling Skin Disease that can cause this symptom. It usually comes along next to other symptoms, though (more info linked below). If this is a relatively new behavior and you haven't had her checked by the vet, I recommend taking her surrounded by. Describe her symptoms to the vet and s/he will be able to guide you in the right direction.
probability are there is a porblem with the tail and your cat knows it and is trying to remedy the problem, going to the vet will be best i reason, do a good inspection of its tail first and see if you notice anything outlandish
She probably has worms or a infection, etc. You necessitate to get her checked out by a vet. I have a cat who used to clean himself lacking hair, and it turned out he had severe allergies, we gave him medicine, and that fixed the problem!
This is not normal - please take your kitty to the vet.

You may also want to eventually slowly transformation her food -- IF this happens to be a food allergy.
My cat Bini has a flea allergy and she used to do that when she first developed the allergy. I suggest you go to the vet or at least possible call them and explain what's going on with your cat. Good luck.
well,im not certain.if your cat is young,she may be taking her tail as a pacifier to comfort may hold been taken away from its mother to o early.i know our cat did this,but short drawing any blood.we got him when he was very might want to check for fleas but it really doesnt sound like it.
might be an alergy (food) or fleas.
Take some camomile tea and stepe it STONG... and pocket a cotton pad and soak it then wipe the tail with it.

Yes this sounds resembling ocd... cat.
good luck

Answers:    You should take her to the vet. My cat used to verbs the fur off his belly. Turned out he had allergies. He did it adjectives the time. The vet said it was because he was itching from the inside and all he could do be pull his fur out since scratching didn't help.
take it to the vet
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