My cat has a cut on her right forearm. I was cutting something out of her fur and get the skin. It is pretty big,(the size of a quarter) but not bleeding. The thing is still in her fur(a matted knot) at the cut. My mom says she does not have need of to go to the vet. Does she? I am soooo worried about her=( PLEASE HELP
put a coating of granulated sugar on the cut this won't hurt her and a scab can grow through it next wrap it with gauze make sure she leaves it alone. She'll be fine and she doesn't have need of a vet
Take a deep breath, slow down. If the area isn't bleeding, you may not own cut the skin, just cut very close to it. Start trimming the matted area at the top. Cut of late a little at a time. What is caught in her fur? If it's not harmful to the cat, simply take off it for the night and check it in the morning. Mats can also be cut out fairly soundly using a cuticle scissors or an embroidery scissors, just above the skin. This needs a steady foot though, and might be best done by an adult.
first collaborate to vets and if its sounds bad shift see a vet
When my cat had a tumor on her leg, I bandaged it alot, so here is how you do it. A gauze wipe laid on the wound, Stretchy wound wrap, wrapped around the leg, and medical tape around the wrap only, not the fur. Make sure that when you wrap the wound wrap around the leg that you can still obtain a couple of fingers in it so it isn't too tight.
Answers:    if it didnt cut the skin overt she should be fine just put on neosporn and not alchohol or peroxide thats waht my frind did to his cat
If you have any hydrogen peroxide put it on the cut but it may sting.
It's to help disinfect it. It will help plentifully. You don't need it but if you have it.
Big is one thing, deep is another. If you cut it cavernous to where it doesn't bleed then she needs a vet. Pour hydrogen peroxide over the cut to verbs the area. If it is wide but not deep and bleeding you necessitate to get a tube of neosporum and a tube of 1 % hydrocortizone. Mix equal parts and apply as a paste on the area. give notice the matt in place. put gauze and wrap firmly with surgical tape. But don't cut rotten circulation. If she becomes lethargic get her to the vet. She may develop restlessness and dehydrate. Keep her inside for a week to avoid infection. Lethargy is the sign you want to look for. If she seems active she'll be fine.
if its not bleeding she should be ok she will clean it all up her self...
NOO TAKE HER TO THE VET! better safe then sorry! seriously you dont want to stir "easy" on this though it may not look serious it can be, especially when your cat goes to the litter box and then get poo and pee all over herself her cut may get infected if not bandaged properly and disinfected.. it can even spread inside of her.. i dont aim to put you on panick mode but i know if that were my cat i would of taken her to the vet!!

Edit: maybe try calling the vet whether they have one thats opend 24 hours, u can ask them what to do.. but definitly get a profecionals advice on this one..

i love my cat <33 and i defnitly would nickname profecional vet or take her to the vet!

aww shes sleeping right now like an inch absent from my foot!! so cute <333
First off I'd take her in.
It might can lurk until normal hours but I'd take her in.
Chances are whether you have a cut that size it will need to be cleaned by a vet with products that are designed for that usage and bandaged by one or you will risk infection.
Plus it is below the mat still. IDEAL PLACE for yucky stuff to infect it and it not heal. You can't clean it okay if you can't get to it.
You need to bring her in.
Second of all (so you'll know) anytime you are trying to remove anything from any animals fur (like a mat) you never ever cut parallel with the skin because when you are adjectives a mat out with scissors and you miss the mat and hit skin the tension on the scissors remains the same and you never know you've cut the skin until it is too slowly.
Most people don't think about it. Honest you made a mistake.
Mat removal is best done near clippers by a groomer or if you have a small one try to thin the mat out beside scissors by starting at the base of their skin with the the blade pointing away from their skin and into the mat and verbs the scissors up through the mat cutting it in half and possibly allowing you to remove it near your hands. THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON SMALL MATS! It hurts otherwise.
Best bet is to brush your cat. They generally love it. =)
So no more scissors parallel with the skin and I'd honestly filch your cat in because preventing an infection is a lot less costly than trying to clear one up and debriding that wound and you hold an ideal situation for one with the cut still being below the mat.
I abhor to say it but I think your mom is wrong. =(
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