My Cat Hates Me! What Should I Do??

My cat HATES me. But LOVES my dad. She always goes to my dad, lets him pick her up, lick him and everything! But she HATES me. I walk to pick her up she runs. A couple minutes ago i went to pick her up and she scratched my face (thats the second time she scratched me face). She hide when my friends come and scratches them till they bleed. But when I go over other peoples houses who have cats, they LOVE ME. My cousin have a cat and as soon as i sit down he runs on my lap! And im like "wow, this cat loves me but my own cat hates me". Btw my cat is a girl calico. What can I do to be paid her like me

Btw her name is Kyra.
my cat is the same way, she or he is a short time ago trying to make u jealous and if u are chasing it don't do it any more incentive she or he is getting very upset maybe she or he is sleepy and not wanting to run
Cats are very stubborn and independent. There's no way you can really MAKE her like you. They're close to people that way. They just attain attached to certain people, and don't like others. I've have a few cats like that before. The best thing to do is to not push it. Don't try too tough, and she may come to you. Kinda like playing hard to get.
My cat hate me and my son but my wife who has raised her since a kitten can do anything to her and she doesn't mind.
I contemplate it's just the way a cat is. We call her bi-polar because she is so wager on and forth on her attitude and behavior.
She is just being a cat.
My cat Nelly is the same track, she loves my husband and she goes to his lap and waits for him surrounded by front of the door when he arrives from work, but Nelly doesn't any of that for me. I always have to look for her and she runs away.
cats can be like that just intellect ur own business for a while and she might jump up on the couch or bed near you. my cat sleeps with me on my bed. I hope u and ur cat can bond! good luck! =D

Cats do not have the size for hate. They do allow certain levels of espousal though. You are trying too hard and that can make an animal uncomfortable or aggressive. Just rear off for a while and the cat may come around.
I have a girl calico cat and she doesn't really like to be picked up or held really much. I would just take it slow with her. My cat like to sit on the couch near me, but not on my lap. I in recent times pet her if she'll let me, but stop if it looks close to it's bothering her. I've had her 2 years and she's definitely a lot friendlier near me now.

If she's hiding when strangers come over, it's probably just her personality. I hold another cat (male) who will let me pick him up, hold him, carry him, etc but hides whenever anyone else comes over. If the cat is scratch out at you, she probably thinks you're being too aggressive (even if you don't scrounging to be). It's best to just let her come to you in her own time and not force yourself on her.
Give her food/water and play with her more until she get use to you and give her toys.Good luck
Answers:    in writ for her to scratch your face you would have to own put you face up to hers and look straight in her eyes and make those little one faces. people think its the impeccable affection. Cats hate someone getting in their face. it make them feel threatened at the most.
when i was a little girl i get a cat and i wasn't so careful with him and he lost me trust. over 5 years i SLOWLY pet him fed him and payed NO attention to him.
Cats are the curious type right. cat lovers other get in their cats face and give them too much atteattentiont haters get all the attention because they're ignoring the cat which make it curious and get in your face.
Give it time whether he's in a crouching posspossession ears flat, growling, or hissing, turn away from him and walk away(dontdon'tk back). Feed him sometimes thoughtfully scratch him on the head, and ignore him compcompletelyckily plenty he'll turn to you

If not, a reason is he needs certain attention because he's not so interested contained by attention. If he's not liking attention at all, your father must've been slow and long-suffering
Trust me
give her closely of treats..?be nice idk!
I own a cat she is called sally she is a female too!
i suggest you play next to her and with toys stroke her and the usual ALWAYS CLEAN HER FOOD TRAYS!!
And if that deoesnt work just conduct yourself like you dont like her just offer her food let her out back in food litter blaa blaaa but dont show any love even though you do until she comes to you but dont be soo jarring on acting like you dont love her because she mightn run away!!
Don't seize her for one thing. She's saying you're violating her personal space when she doesn't want the attention.

Back bad a bit and just talk to her. Don't pet her unless you offer your appendage first and she's ok with it. If she moves back or pulls her head rear, then stop and just talk. You're pushing yourself at her too much for her consolation. Yes, she does have a favorite, but that's not an issue, pets like some people profoundly more than others but they're still capable of loving multiple people. My Siamese was 'my' cat till he met my meaningful other. Anytime he sat down, my cat was in his nouns, would abandon MY lap for his. That was fine, my cat loved us both. But loved Steve's knees better (so Steve got covered in more cat fur as well).

Try playing gently near her, letting her do the work. Talk to her. Whisper to her (cats love whispers, it lets them know that the speaking is only for them). Don't pick up the cat. Always proposal your hand before trying to pet her. This lets the cat know that you're not going to seize her and force her into anything and she'll calm down.

She doesn't hate YOU she hates your approach to her. You newly need to shift it.
Oh, I've been there before! I dream up the best advice is to get down on her level. Move tremendously slowly around her, don't handle her too much. When you're around her, put your hand in front of her feeler so she can smell you and if she doesn't react by biting or swatting at your hand next gently pet the top of her head for a few seconds (it may oblige to say something to her in a soothing voice) and then tramp away. Try this often and hopefully she'll warm up to you! It will lift time though. I know how stressful and annoying it is to show you're cat love and end up walking away with a defacement. Another thing I've tried that seemed to work is to go into like room with your cat and sit down on the floor and reach your hand out to her. She'll probably draw from curious and come see what you're up too. Once again, move slowly with her and if she starts warming up to you after try a little play session..that usually helps beside bonding!!

Hopefully these tips will work for you! Remember to be patient (as hard as that may be!) and give her some time.
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