My cat have a sore by his mouth. What to do? it looks infected and smells. I cant afford another vet bill.?

I just spent $700 on vet bill. I took in a stray and I think he may own gotten into a fight. He has a sore by his mouth that is infected and smells terrible. I cleaned with warm water and peroxide, used some triple antibiotic. I own some left over Metronidaz from my other cat. Is it safe to use this on my stray? Thanks Debbie
You have no options when it comes to mouth problems, they necessitate vet treatment especially if they smell. It's likely a tooth that go bad or a root infection.

Check the date on the meds, never use one past the date. If the medicine is for this problem it may be adjectives but I'd contact a vet by phone first.
Metronidaz(ole) is not an antibiotic. If your cat needs an antibiotic, which he does if his mouth is infected, then bear the cat to the ASPCA and see if they can see him at a discount.

Many vets steal Care Credit ( See about applying so that you can give your cat the care he requirements.

Triple antibiotic probably shouldn't be used in the mouth, it may be poisonous if ingested, any check with the vet or read the label.
go to the vet
Never used medication prescribed for one animal on another: same rules as with human medication. Metronidazole is more appropriate for intestine infections, not abscesses.

If you can't afford any more vet treatment you should not have taken on any more responsibilities (animals). You'll have to surrender the cat to someone that can afford to hold him treated. The cat needs proper treatment.

I would call your vet's office and explain the situation to him. Many vets choose their profession base on their love for animals, so he/she may be willing to help this cat out for a reduced fee, particularly since you are already a patient there with another cat.
you should be able to call up your vet and ask them whether or not it's safe to use. your vet must know you took surrounded by a stray, will they not do any exams pro bono? just explain that you're trying to help this cat out but it's getting really expensive! a lot of the time vet will help you out and cut some of the exam costs out.
Answers:    chalice is right. metronidazole is for giardia and other intestinal problems (it is an antibiotic though). you need to lift the cat to the vet and have the sore assessed. another more effective antibiotic will probably be given and it is not that expensive. mouth sores and dental problems can lead to enthusiasm threatening infections and heart problems. really this should not be very expensive at all. just feel of the pain the kit must be in though. please transport it to the vet.
At least call the vet and ask whether it would be ok to just use the other cats meds. Another thing you have to devise about is it might be something besides a sore. I had a cat that had a cancer tumor and it smelt discouraging, so if you can save up the money to take it surrounded by to check it out I would.
I just took my cat to the vet for participating contained by a cat fight. The first 2 times I was able to verbs the wounds and take care of it myself without a stop by. My vet prescribed antibiotics without a visit.. This last time his beneath belly had several shredded places as well as an passage on his leg that required stitches, his head has puncture marks. He is in a minute an inside only cat. If I had not have be responsible enough to take him in later his wounds would have gotten infected and or abscessed. This is very painful to the cat. At minimum your cat inevitability antibiotics. What you are describing sounds like an abscess, please take you cat to the vet.
im not certain about the meds but i sounds like it could just be an olser,, my cat get some,, and vet gave me some meds for it. They get them from fishy good he recommended i nurture him meaty cans. Also plastic dishes are a no,, aswell.

I live in California and I have 3 cats even at one of my cats sickest who is a diabetic beside over night emergency care blood tests every hour adjectives night night stay wasn't even 700.00 it was partially... of that and my next day visit to my regular vet be a lot too, but both didn't even add up to 700.00 close but not that much.. I think you are recitation a big fish story... take him in or he may get worse and entail surgery and it will cost you a lot more.. GOOD LUCK
time to let your kitty shift, not enough capital to take assistance of than be responsible take to the pound.
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