My cat have be bleeding when she pees, is this ordinary?

she is like 2-3 yrs. when i adopted her the owner said she was spayed/neutered anything you do to a girl cat a year later she starts peeing on the bathroom rug and it was red, then on the mat. i'm worried!
Please take her to the vet, she may have a urinary tract problem at the very tiniest. The vet can clear it up.

Red is a bad sign, that medium there's blood in the bladder. Get her in to the vets on Monday, you should not loaf for an appointment weeks down the line on this, the faster it's handled the better it is for the cat.

She may need antibiotics. She may stipulation an acidifier (pills). What's happening is that the bladder lining is bleeding from either crystals or grain of calcium accumulating inside it. It needs to be fixed, or it will kill the cat. Right immediately it's making peeing very painful for the cat, which is why they usually won't pee within the litter box when they have this, they think the pain is cause by the box so they go on soft things to try to pee there but it still hurts.

If you can get a urine token that would only be a few hours old to show the vet, do so. Otherwise they'll do a urine check there at the vet.

Having been through this before with my cats, I don't generate an appointment when it's late on Saturday and they're closed till Monday, I am there on their doorstep first thing when they unseal their doors Monday morning and we get in with an 'emergency' first point.
Answers:    take it to the vet

mark k
It is probably a urinary tract infection. This is adjectives among cats and if there is blood in their urine, it is VERY tender for them. Go see a vet and get her on some antibiotics. Alot of times cats get this because they don't drink enough river. Monitor her water intake. Call a vet immediately though because she is probably in alot of distress. Also, put her on food especially good for the urinary tract.
Take her to the vet as soon as possible. It might be in recent times an infection or parasites. But, just in skin a quick check up might cause money, but could safe your kitty more suffering or even ... hope your cat find better.
She probably has a very serious infection (urinary or something similar). She obligation to be seen by a vet immediately - get her to the emergency vet.
Yes, you should be worried about her. You need to take her to the vet right now, I'm sure she has an infection. Is she eating right and drinking satisfactory water? Please plan to take her first thing Monday morning to the vet, whether you can't take her to an emergency clinic this weekend. This bleeding is not normal at all.

Please listen to "Hudsongray". She's right on the money with her advice. Your cat is VERY ILL.GET HELP ASAP!!

Hope you're in time to craft a difference...Good luck.
she probaly has her period.
Your cat is deathly ill. Get her to a vet first thing. She has a fruitless infection and needs to be treated.
I think that you should consult a vet.May be whether you use low quality dry food causes it.But the vet is the only responsible to make available you advice
no! to be exact very bad
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