My cat have be growling and walking strange lately, what is wrong beside him?

We took him to the vet to get a worm and rabie shot about a month ago. For the past week he seem grumpy, hissing, growling and even walking with a hunched back and seems similar to his legs are sore. He's 5 years old and inside cat but seems to sneak outside when he can.
Also, our hamster died of damp tail about month and a half ago. Is it possible he could have damp tail? Or is there something going on with him? And the weather is getting colder and maybe his joint are sore?? He even has a hard time going up and down the stairs and he used to just run up them faster next us. He growls at you when you try to pick him up. He's a maine coon and he has always been a form loving cat.
Have him checked for a urinary tract infection by your vet.
It doesn't nouns like it is related to the shot you got a month ago and only for former times week he has been acting oddly. If he is an external cat, it's possible he may have been bumped by a car. I would contact your vet ASAP and find out what is going on.
Answers:    He is definitely showing signs of being in stomach-ache. Cats are notorious for *hiding* pain, so when they show signs, it is bad.

Please enjoy him checked thoroughly by a good vet.

I wish him well!
i dont no which is like mad of use to you i no but i would really consider taking him to the vets

hope he's well soon bless
Sounds close to he's hurt his back - he may have missed a jump or be bitten. Check him over yourself gently, if he has an injury he'll squeal when you find it, after get him back to the vet. If he's been bitten, his warmth will be high and this will make him grumpy. He may also have a huge puss-filled infection to be precise pressing on his spine or nerve. This is exactly how my softest of soft cats behave when he had been bitten on the back, discouraging tempered, couldn't walk straight, couldn't climb, high heat, big puss-filled mass around the bite. Oh, by the way, when my vet finally diagnosed his problem and squeezed the puss out, it was so painful for the cat, he bit down on my finger and I needed a tetanus shot. Also the stinking pale puss hit the vet in the eye. I laugh now, at the time it be horrendous. Immediately after this treatment, though, he could walk and jump just fine. (The vet be really jumping with all that gunk surrounded by his eyes.) Hope he's OK.
Take him back to the vet and ask them what's up.
Same entity happened to my dog. We took him to the vet and the vet just shook his head. He said he have this happen to his cat and it could be a blood clot or something wrong with his brain. We tried antibiotics and it didn't work, so we put him to sleep last weekend.
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