My cat is making some sort of wheezing nouns?

She had an upper respiratory infection when she was little but then it go away, but the wheezing sound stayed. She has no more eye crust but it sounds similar to shes purring but it comes out of her nose. She acts normal, plays, eat, sleeps. Could she have asthma? But this sound usually comes when shes tired. What could it be? And yes, i will transport her to the vet on tuesday because it is closed today and tomorrow. Oh and shes 9 months and spayed and this has been going on for 7 months immediately.
either spike ball or it is eating plastic (such as garbage bag)
its possible that she has astha but what im thinking it ay be is allergies. my pomeranian has bad allergies and this happen to her too. perhaps the eye crust is overactive tear ducts but more likely a result of allergies. and that reality that she has had a respiratory infection in times past make her much more succecptible to this type of thing
Answers:    She may have asthma. But I have noticed that cats purring sounds rise and fall from cat to cat. I had a cat that had a very large pitched sounding purr. Almost sounded like she was whistling from her muzzle. But the purring air normally comes in and out of the muzzle. If you have a vet check with her that's great. Keep that just to hold her checked out and potentially ruled out asthma.
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