My cat is puking up white worms ?

Well I've taken my cat to the vet so much I just don't think I can do it any more. First off they be treated for parasites once all ready. I get their first fecal test and it tested positive for parasites. At that time I was given the prescription to help with the parasites. Due to the charges I granted to go to a different vet. I never got the second question paper done. I also didn't want to be recharged for another fecal test. I noticed he had worms a wile ago and bought Pro-pet Round worm de-wormer. Obviously that didn't work. So should I really step back to the vet? Should I just try this Pro-pet again.. Does anyone have any other suggestions. These worms be not flat they were round white but translucent and about an inch long to about and inch and a partly. Are they worms or parasites?
Just stop feed Kitty white worms, she clearly does not like them and i doubt worms are a good nutritional substitute for cat food
It sounds resembling round worm. you never said whether the worms were dead or not when vomited up. Some times the wormer will make the cat sick or impart them diarrhoea in order to expel the worms. you should worm your cat every 12 weeks. I don't think you involve to traumatise your cat by taking him to the vet. At least phone your vet practise and get advise you should be capable of pick up treatment for your cat at the vets.
Answers:    One treatment generally isn't enough to cure a worm infestation. It generally takes two, given two weeks apart. And if you have multiple cats, adjectives of them must be treated or they will keep re-infesting themselves through the litter box. Over the counter worming treatments are generally just a gamble away of your money. They aren't as effective (or safe) as what the vet can give you.

If you take the worm to the vet, they will know how to give you the correct wormer for him. As long as both cats have be seen by the vet recently, and the vet has the shipment on both, they will probably just give you the worming meds for both of them without an bureau visit. If you are good about taking your cats surrounded by, they don't necessarily have to see them for something as "obvious" as a case of worms.

And you'll need to verbs the litter box - dump the litter, wash it with bleach, and then compress with clean litter. This will get rid of any worms or eggs hiding within there waiting to re-infest them.

You might also want to call the shelter you originally got them from. Many of them hold vets or vet techs available for simple things like worming, flea treatment, and vaccines. Not where I'd cart an ill cat - but perfectly adequate for something approaching this. It may be a way for you to get them properly treated, and save money.
Take your poor cat back to the vet. Maybe your new vet can call the out-of-date one to see the test results? Either way, even if you hold to pay for it again, your cat is sick and needs your help. It's your responsibilty to clutch care of your pets as you would want to be taken care of. I'm sure whether you had worms you would go to the Dr.
There are at least 5 types of worms a cat can get. You stipulation to give the medicine SPECIFIC for the type the cat has, simply dosing with anything from the store isn't going to guarantee that it's getting the type your cat has, which is why a vet needs to do a fecal.

Since your cat can become re-infested whether it eats prey, swallows a flea with tapeworm larvae contained by it, or by using a litter box that another cat with worms may have used, you may be dealing with a unusual infestation instead of the old one.

Take a sample in, of the worms (use a closure lock baggie) and the feces. The test isn't that expensive and you're guaranteed to be treating for the right parasite.
most likely worms-it was probably not wormed when it was a kitten the tablets it needs is called strongid-if you know any dog or cat breeders they will most likely enjoy some that you can use
poor cat. yes i judge its best to go see a vet
a cat should be dewormed twice. once does not do it.
get him to the vet beside a fecal sample and get this taken care of. over the counter meds for pets now and then really work and you are putting your cat's life at risk using those since a lot of those can cause injure to your cats.
consult a vet
These are roundworms and you need to get some pills from a vet to obtain rid of them.You don't need to take your cat, just enjoy an idea how much he weighs. You will probably be given a tablet for straight away and another for a fortnight next. Then you should worm your cat every 3 months with tablets from the vet, to keep him worm free.
Don't waste your money buying them at a pet shop or on flash as they don't work !
i got my dog from a rescue shelter and about 6 months after have him i actually saw him poop out worms and it was by far the nastiest thing i've ever see. they were whitish and skinny and i brought the worm into the vet and they said it was a roundworm and he got treated for that and is okay. i don't know whether it's different in cats, but i would definitely bring him to the vet and if you can win the worms but them in a bag or container or something so they can actually see it and afterwards they won't charge you for a fecal test (at least my vet didn't) it was 2 immense pills that were to be broken and give at different times like 2 weeks apart or something close to that but you NEED to go to the vet. worms can make your cat sick and possibly cause destruction. i know how costly all these tests can be but as a pet owner it's something you need to promise with. i'm in school fulltime and working element time and the money i make goes towards the health of my dog as one of the top priorities so please bear him asap and it's a good idea to bring the worms with you. also, i don't know whether cats have monthly heartworm pills, but if they do (such as heartguard) get that too, it can support against things like that in the future hopefully.
Hudson pegged the answer to your question. I just considered necessary to add that worms ARE parasites. They're one and the same.
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