My cats butt stinks really bleak?

we got a kitten at 4 months, he has been neuter allready, and hes going on 7months. Hes really been stinking. (no i am not going down to smell his butt) but you can smell it when he comes near you or walks by you. He sits on the sofa, you can smell it after he leaves, he stunk up the bed , the pillows, i am washing laundry daily and its sooo embaresing. If it doesnt stop i will have no choice but to clutch him back to the shelter in a month. I think its his anal glands, i wipe him sometimes, i hip bath him sometimes, but this happends like 20 times a day. if it is the anal glands, what can the vet do? whether nothing im not wasting the money, ill just bear him back, i love him dearly but i can't stnad that smell.
you can get dogs anal glands squeezed. i don't know if it's matching for cats, but if you love him like you say you do, it's worth a shot.
well if your cats anal glands are full, you wont waste your money that is to say an outpatient procedure and if they are not full you wont be charged...
but if they are full the vet will insert their finger in the anus and forsaken his sacks.but maybe he has yeast growing contained by his ears.regardless get him checked out!!

What are you feeding him? Make sure he gets plenty of dampen, no milk.
You want to take him to the vet to see if his anal glands are impacted or infected. After the vet checks him out ask the vet to suggest a fitting cat food for him.
nice that he's fixed but here's a little off the record. they can(and will) still have sex and they can(sometimes will) still need to spray. it does sound resembling his anal glands are clogged. no need for a vet. i'll tell you how to do it from experience.

1. put on rubber gloves and a mask(just to be safe) when you get worthy at this you will need neither.
2. find cat.
3. take cat to bathroom or kitchen. whichever area you will stipulation some paper towels(4-5 for the first time and just 1 or 2 everytime after) and a trash can.
4. stand cat up. butt faceing you(this is why you need mask)
5. while holding onto a quality newspaper towel, lift the cat's tail as far back towards the head(not to far is far enough)
6. if severly impacted juice will start to either ooze or spray from around the butthole. if none then try sweezing on the right and moved out sides of butthole while still lifting tail. two people may be needed. you should extract any "spray" that is clogged if none afterwards take to vet
Well oftentimes a strong smell can be indicative of some type of disease or parasite. Sometimes the smell can be improved just by switching cat foods (try IAMS). Try phoning a vet and explain the situation and see if they can do anything for you. If it is a parasite, sometimes the treatments can be relatively inexpensive.

My mom own some kittens that have a flatulence problem! Boy do they FART :) But I love them all the same. She's going to switch their food to IAMS after they finish up their pro-plan. I meditate some kitties tend to be more gassy than others :P (just like people :)

PS- whether you decide to take him to a shelter, can you try to find a no-kill shelter? :(
Answers:    It could very well be his anal glands. Just stick him surrounded by the car and head on over to the vet or to a groomer. The vet/groomer will express the anal glands; beware, because this smells absolutely calamitous and is generally a hilariously disgusting spectacle to behold! The good news is, the smell will probably subside (if this is the case).

Good luck next to your little buddy.
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