My hot kitten keep digging contained by the potted plants?

I just got this kitten a few weeks ago, and lately he keeps digging up the dirt surrounded by the potted plants like he is going to go to the bathroom in them, but he know how to use a litter box.
Does anyone know why this is? And how do I get it to stop?
I have found that the easiest and most harmless way to stop any unappreciated cat behavior is wet. Thoroughly clean out an old spray bottle ( rinse several times with hot marine and soap, then hot water, then cold), and overrun it with water. Then, whenever you see Mr. Kitty doing a behavior that you would like him not, purely spray him. Only until he stops. This doesn't hurt him at all, just scares and annoys him. He will run absent. It may take several tries, but pretty soon Mr. Kitty will figure out what gets him sprayed, and will stop doing it.
** Make certain that you do not do this maliciously, and you stop once he has stopped the behavior. otherwise it is not correctional, but just plain indicate.
It's an instinct many cats hold. They find loose dirt irresistible and it seems to trigger a desire to relieve themselves in it. One way you can save it from happening is to put gravel over the soil in your pots. You can also try cutting a piece of surroundings cloth or a mesh screen to keep the kitten away from the soil. Cat urine is extraordinarily concentrated and it's bad for your plants.
get a pet rock
My mum had this problem with her cat simply after she adopted him. We stopped it by digging a little bit of the dirt out of the pot plants, putting cling wrap (seram wrap.I think thats what you americans ring it) in the places where the dirt had be dug out and poured water into it (the cling wrap stops th water from soaking into the soil) and then sprinkle some soil over the top so that it simply looks normal, when your cat digs in their it will get an unpleasant liquid surprise

Try putting some lemon or red skins in the pots, cats don't like citronella. You can buy citronella oil from hardware stores too, but citrus skin works very well.
The spray bottle is a good solution but you have to catch them surrounded by the act. The saran wrap is also good, as would newspaper or aluminum foil. They don't close to the sound or the feel.

They also don't like the smell of citrus so whether you put some lemon juice and water in a sprayer and after spray the dirt (not the plant), that may help.

Answers:    Use river-bed pebbles and stones. you can get them at most retail stores that supply decorative items. Your cat digs because of his innate instinct to use the most natural litter, surrounded by this case, it is dirt. and FYI, they like to dig contained by sand too. Anything that is a natural litter they'll try to use as a bathroom. make certain the stones are large and just heavy adequate to deter him from trying to dig at them.
You can put foil around the base of the plant, like covering the top of the pot. Seems to work for my fiance's family.
Get it a potted catnip plat or other type of cat plant commonly available at major pet chains, in which they can claim as their own. Cat's love to chew plants and verbs, and this is behavior you need to correct early! Reprimand them for digging surrounded by the house plants, and redirect them to "their" plant. Just like as if you be litter training. Remember the three R's to training... Reprimand, Redirect, Respect (applaud for good behavior)!
I had the same problem. My cats used my plants as a litter box. I put shells around the plants and they do not bother them anymore.
Well if the kitten doesn't like sea what you should do, is every time the kitten starts digging in the plants stray the kitten with a water bottle. Most cats don't similar to that and every time you spray the kitten he will soon get the idea and hate human being strayed.
Put moth balls within your potted plant on top of the soil. The smell from them will make him loose his bad need.
I don't know why your kitten digs if he uses his litter box, but I've hear that you can put dry cinnamon in the dirt of your plant to keep him out. It want hurt to
just put the plants in places where he/she cant obtain them
My kitten does this also, just tell him NO in a adjectives voice and remove him for the pot
maybe he found treasure
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