My friends cat threw up a long worm?

it was described as long and ribbed.Im a cat lover and was wondering what it was and how he get it, he never took it to a vet. he said the cat had stopped eating for a few days before, but it seem fine ever since, any info you can give me please? u think now would be a dutiful time to take it to a vet? it is a tapeworm probably. u no humans can get those too...
My kittens have just recovered from this. The worm you have described is a roundworm, it looks close to a bit of white spaghetti. My cats were off their food for a few days - even though they were crying for it they wouldnt chomp through anything. Then they got diorreha and vomiting and slept a lot. There are several ways they can get it - the eggs live surrounded by soil so if the cat goes outside it could own eaten some. Also for kittens, eggs can be ingested from an infected mother's milk. They can live in your cat for a while before the worm grows to fully developed size and starts to bother them, which is why you should regularly worm them from a few weeks old. We got ours from a farm so holiness knows where they got it from but it does label them really ill. There is another common type of worm that cats can get which is call tapeworm, but this looks like a little grain of rice and your cat will be licking its backside a lot.

There are products on the market which are suitable to medicate the cat - we used Johnson's kitten syrup, which is for both types of worm. It says on the bottle to put it surrounded by their food but my cats looked scornfully at a bowl of prawns when we tried that. If that doesnt work go to a pharmacy and get a syringe, and administer it that track. You will have to be quick, you will probably get covered within syrup, and the cat will sulk for the rest of the day, but it worked for my cats. If you are at all worried though please tell your friend to bring it to the vet straight away as they can provide more effective medicine and will check the cat while you are in attendance. We also administered some cat milk with the syringe as they hadnt eaten for so long.

Also please be careful and rinse out your hands obsessively because this can affect humans quite badly - surrounded by severe cases it can affect the nervous system.

Good luck and I hope the cat is ok.

In the meantime my cat has just pranced across the electric stove and have singed his paw - he is now limping and looking sorry for himself. The paw looks ok, but if anyone has any tips except going to get an aloe vera plant - it is 1.30am where I am - that would be awesome :-)
your cat has roundworm and it is very important you return with mdeical treatment A.S.A.P coz it can affect humans as well
the cat has worms openly and they can be contracted by anything eating most likely... it stopped eating because the worm be growing bigger in its stomach. please tell your friend to get his cat to the vet to see whether the worm is still there...poor thing
well he/she probably have worms. They can eat through the cats insides, and then they go for the stomach and/or heart, depending on the humane of worms. U are lucky the cat threw it up. You need to take it to the vet, they can scan he stomach painlessly to make certain it is worms, if so they can apply pills and medicine to relieve him.
. I would say that calling a vet and asking them roughly this is first and foremost.I hope the cat is o.k.
Answers:    The cat need to go to the vet. It have worms. There are several kinds but they parasites. They live in the cats intestines and eat the cats food. The vet will give you medicine to give the cat for around a week and it will cause the worms to lose their anchor in the intestines and the cat will expel the worms in its excrement.

Finally, If your friend does not button this problem it can cause future health problems for the cat that can prove homicidal.

He might have worms. I highly propose immediately taking him to the vet.
Yep.. its worms..
unless its noodles :p
My cat did the same. I gave her Bob Martin de-wormer. she be ok after that :)
He needs to enjoy the cats poo checked for internal parasites
It's called a tapeworm; it's a parasite. Your friend should hold their cat to the vet to make sure everything is okay.
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