My kitten can't meow...?

I have a kitten called Niblet and well her Meow is other hoarse and musty. I dont know if its a big adoo over nothing but i was freshly a bit worried that if something happened to her no body could her her...any suggestions or reasons??
well when kittens are very small they cant meow until they get for a time older
If shes trying to meow but cant, it could just be that her vocal chords haven't developed yet. If she doesn't set off to meow by 6 wks I would take her to the vet. Though I did have a Siamese that could only meow really loudly, anything other than a cry in pain or a cry for food sounded close to a person with laryngitis. The vet said there be nothing that could be done to fix this problem, and after a while it became a very cute trait.
Answers:    some cats are funny similar to that. no need to be concerned unless she shows other alarming symptoms. i have a now 7 year behind the times girl who since the time she was a kitten has never emitted a meow... solitary gos "Brrrrrt!" like a little high pitched chirpy nouns. your cat is unique- love her for it.
If your baby is still a baby or a teenie, just bestow it time for it to find its voice.

I like talky/chatty cats too.
One of my cats I adopted from a shelter a long long time ago,... hardly ever meowed for anything. Even though my other two cats be very very vocal at the time. To set an example for it. Still it be a very quiet kitty even after 6 months, I just talk to it more in the language of cats, instead of taking to it in kid talk like I usually do near my other cats. I just meowed to it more; meow meow - meow meeeow? meow meowers,... just like that. Eventually he literary that it was okay to speak up for himself. Still, he's 14 yrs old now & he still meows approaching a little meek kitten.
I have a friend who has a cat that meows profusely - except it meow in whispers, she's a completely soft spoken kitty. Which is okay too. Just like people cats have different voice & different manners in how they express themselves.

The good thing something like a cat that talks softly is that if it ever gets within the habit of snuggling next to your head, you won't intellect it chatting to you while you're trying to sleep.

One of my elderly vocal cats has learned a long time ago how to get up me up if she wants to play or to be fed. She hollers within my ear when I'm asleep on the sofa or in my bed. If I try to ignore her, she puts a paw on my face as whether its a game to her. Eventually I'll turn my head and look at her an ask: "yeah? what is it now? she'll look at me blink and consequently meow back (though not as loudly).

Take care babe & be patient near your kitty as it finds its voice.
Is she a newborn kitty? I think the first few months they just give bad little "mews" and it's so soft and gentle. I would watch her and take her to a vet for shots and an exam. Shes probably ok!
May i know how how hoary is she? U should try giving her water to drink n it might improve her voice Meow! Keep surveying everyday if it still go on for weeks? If it is still the same ,u may have to bring her to the vet? It may be too young surrounded by their voice or so.
Naw, I have a kitty like that too -- some cats just have gravely voice (not unlike some humans); she might even gain a stronger meow in time.

Hope that helps! =3
Hoarse and musty, like Rosie O'Donnell? Or more approaching Demi Moore?

I wouldn't worry, she's fine. What are the odds that she'll need to be rescued and that her Meow will fashion the difference? Very small.
it's probaly a fuzz ball or she's just quiet but whether it gets worst go to the vet
my dogs yelp is sort of like that. it never used to be though. maybe she has a cold. whether it has been like it for a while i would propose a vet. Maybe she has a voice problem
DOn't worry, my kitty had a really faint meow.I asked the vet going on for it, I thought it was because the kitten was only 3 months antediluvian, and she told me that that was probably just going to be her voice. Just like population, cats have different voices. My kitten is 7 months, and she still almost never meows, and when she does its really giddy. There have been a couple times when I didn't come home and darkness and when I got home i would hear her LOUDLY meowing in my room. So I know she can meow when she desires too. Your kitty is probably the same way. If you are still really worried about it, i propose you ask your vet the next time she needs to be seen, i wouldn't take home a separate appointment for it, unless the kittens voice suddenly changed.

EDIT: there really isn't anything you can do but wait. I know what you mean, and the kitten human being able to cry when she is in danger. Trust me, the kitten will find her voice when she requests it. You can't really change the personality of the cat, and the kitten is so young, she may achieve alot louder.
If it's other been like that there's no need to verbs but if her meow has changed you should take her to see a vet. I love her autograph ' Niblet' I've never heard of a cat called that before.
My kitten did that for a while when she got elder she stopped :)
She's probably still developing her meow if she is really young at heart. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I wouldn't worry. We have 2 kittens from the same litter. The one meows never-ending about everything. His is a high pitch "typical" meow. His brother just started really making tumult in the past week (they are 3 1/2 months) and has a deeper more hoarse meow.
Rockstar kitty!
Cats have different voices, no have need of to worry.. but if you have a intestine feeling that something is wrong, you could take her to the vets.
Just like people, cats own different voices. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I own a calico cat, and ever since she was a kitten her voice was very pale. When she meows it sounds like she is is whispering. I've never thought anything of it, and all of her brothers own normal meows. Don't know for certain, but I'm pretty sure she could go and get your attention if she really was in trouble. All of my other cats enjoy gotten really loud when they needed to. Good luck, and if you do find out if it may be something serious, please let me know so I can own mine checked out.
u should probably go see a vet because they are probably smarter than anybody who answers this interrogate
you may just a soft meower. giver her time and see what exactly her voice sounds resembling. but trust me if you step on her tail accidently you will hear a meow that might surprise you. but now dont step on her tail to find out for curiousitys sake. OK..
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