My kitten fell around 5ft.?

Hi my friend came over to see my 9 wk old kitten. he picked her up for a cuddle and after around a minute she jumped out of his arm and onto the floor beside a thud (wooden floor). it was around 5 feet. She got up stright absent and has been walking fine. She is sleeping now as its her sleep time. But shouls i be worried. Shall i wake up her and shee how she is.
I wouldn't worry about it. If you didn't concentration any ill effects immediately following the fall, I focus the worse that could happen now would be some minor soreness which you may not even notice.
Don't verbs unless you see limping or licking a lot in one area. My cat jump out of my clothes basket, landed on the banister, jumped rotten the banister right into the front door, hit the front door and fell about the same amount of distance onto a hard linoleum floor and she a moment ago looked at me, meowed, and started running around and playing with her mouse toy.
well good query? I believe you should wake her up to make sure everything is fine beside her. When you picked her up from the floor did she cried in pain or when ever you cuddled her or something?
if not next probably she Ok
let sleeping kittens tell stories !Honestly; you should not worry, bones are made up with a sort of "glue"and calcium , the latter to be more present with elder cats [and humans too ] therefore they are not easy to brake -young , infant bones -added the fact they other land on their paws , and have 9 lives ! so rest assured he/she is o.k. and count your jump kittens to fall asleep !
She sounds like she is fine. When she get up and moving around she will let you know by her behavior if something is wrong. If she starts limping, doesnt move at all, doesnt chomp through or drink, then I would become concerned and call the vet. Doesnt sound resembling she was hurt physically. The thing about cats and falling from greater distances is that when a cat falls from a tree or second or third story window and is upside down they usually enjoy time to get themselves turned right side up to be able to land on their foot. The shorter the distance they fall the higher the possibility of them injuring themselves. When they are this infantile I would handle them nearer to the floor since they are wood floors so if they jump out of your arms they wont progress flying onto the floor. Hopefully you have some area rugs you can sit on if the floor get cold for you. Also, if your cat is a jumper dont encourage to much play where on earth they have to jump up too high. I played beside a cat with a toy mouse and flipped the toy mouse into the air and the cat jumped up a couple foot, landed back down on her leg and fractured it. Their bones are still growing so you have to be the one to scrutinize out for them. They dont know better. Best Wishes!
Just keep an eye on her. If she's walking okay and seems to be acting normal, everything should be fine. I used to own several cats as a teenager and they're pretty tough little critters.
I think ur kitten is probably fine. I would receive people to sit down before they hold your kitten, though.
no my kitten fell out of a small tree (indoor plant) give or take a few 5ft , he was a bit shaken but no harm done , run your hands adjectives over her body to feel for any nicks or bumps , she is probably fine though
She should be fine. My kitten Katie is always jumping out of my arms, and one time her sister Emma jump from the windowsill and fell, hitting a board made of wood on the way down. She is more than fine. If she was not limping and seem to be acting normal, she is fine. If she starts to act weird, keep hold of an eye on her, and if she seems to be getting worse, take her to the vet right absent. Cats are very good at balancing on things and are other jumping, this is something that all cats do, so don't be worried.
I wouldnt wake her but when she wake up maybe just check her legs to see if they are ok :)
If she get straight back up again im sure shes fine :)
dont worry! cats other land on their feet! or at least somewhat!

+PLUS+ they enjoy 9 lives, haha.

im sure the baby is fine [:
Well if you see any sort of limping after I would worry, But sounds like she is doing fine to me!
Answers:    Course not. As long as she lands on her feet that is fine. I pick my cats up all the time and they other jump and hit the floor. It is just like you jump, of course it will make a sound. Don't be worried unless she doesn't arrive on her feet. Cats jump of roofs and stuff thats really high. Don't be worried.
Most breeds of cat have a noted fondness for settling in illustrious places, or perching. Animal behaviorists have posited a number of explanations, the most adjectives being that height gives the cat a better inspection point, allowing it to survey its territory and become aware of activities of those and other pets in the area. In the wild, a complex place may serve as a concealed site from which to hunt; domestic cats are known to strike prey by pouncing from such a perch as a tree branch, as does a leopard.[42] Height, therefore, can also bequeath cats a sense of security and prestige.

During a fall from a high place, a cat can reflexively verbs its body and right itself using its acute sense of balance and flexibility.[43] This is known as the cat's "righting reflex". It always rights itself within the same way, provided it have the time to do so, during a fall. The height required for this to occur contained by most cats (safely) is around 90 cm (3 feet). Cats without a tail also have this ability, since a cat mostly moves its hind legs and relies on conservation of angular momentum to set up for landing, and the tail is contained by fact little used for this feat.[44]

However, cats' fondness for high spaces can terrifyingly test the righting reflex. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warns owners to safeguard the more dangerous perch in their homes, to avoid "high-rise syndrome", where an overconfident cat falls from an extreme height.[45]
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