My kitten is vomiting foamy white stuff?

I just got a new kitten end night, she looks to be 5-6 weeks old. Since i got her end night she has been intake and using the litter box fine. Just a little while ago out of nowhere she started to throw up some foamy white stuff. Whats going on with her?
go to the vet immediatly
it could be distemper. But since you said you just got her later night I would guess not. I got a dog and since she was jittery she did the same exact thing and was fine contained by a day or two. I would think this is the problem with your kitten. If you get it from a shelter this is more likely to be the problem. If she doesn't get better soon I would take her to the vet to be certain she is ok. My dog also does this when we drive because she is scared of cares. If this happens to your kitten only lay a blanket down.

Hope I helped!

P.S. I doubt it is rabies unless she has never had her vaccinate.
She's too immature to be away from her natural mother - this could be anything. Please call out the vet and return with him to look her over and give you some feeding and care suggestion.
If she throws up again call the Vet. With the little ones you enjoy to be extra care full of dehydration. Keep water available. There is not an iota chance that kitty got into and ate something she shouldn't have is at hand?
Keep a close eye on her. Don't play with her right now. Let her settle down. Also, you may ask the folks where you get her what food they gave her. A change can be hard when they are so little. Good luck
If possible,please take her to the vet.usually,kittens arent taken from their mother until about 12 weeks,so she is fundamentally young.she might need a little milk.but honestly,the vet would be the best choice,since this sounds close to a symptom of it listless or meowing a lot? it could be a digestion problem,but again,the vet would know best.good luck.
if this is stomic problems then give her some yogurt.
Has she possibly gotten into something (eating it) that you don't know in the region of?
Sometime bile looks foamy when it comes up.
is she eating all right otherwise?

Take to the vet!
Rabies? Is she vaccinated? Take her to the vet and bring some of the foamy white stuff in a jar next to you. And bring her poop.
my newly adopted kitten did one and the same exact thing took it to the vet and it was Distemper/Feline Parvo, Our kitten was doing this the hours of daylight he died do not hesitate taking them to the vet!
Answers:    I've had my kitten for two days and she started doing equal thing today. Twice so far and it's just white clear/foamy stuff. She in reality runs to the litter box to do it.

Otherwise, she seems happy and content. Is eating, sleeping, playing and pooing similar to she's supposed to. We have an appt with the vet on Thurs for a checkup though.

UPDATE: One day next and my kitten is fine. Only threw up the two times I mentioned yesterday. Must be acclimating to her new home and a switch from table scraps to kitten food. Not critical to be the alarmist and run off to the vet.
Maybe she swallowed something that she wasn't supposed to. Now she may be trying to throw it up because it is bothering her. I would call up a vet if I were you.
What kind of food are you feed your kitten? She sounds a little young to be eating regular cat food. There is a vastly good article with useful information roughly speaking kittens. I hope this helps. Good luck.
It could be mad cat disease!! What did you feed her? There can be mad cat disease surrounded by peaches. I heard about it on Oprah.
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Runny Nose
How much have she thrown up? And how many times? Oh, and do you know if she could have eatin anything hurtful (plastic, plants, medicine, etc)? Cats tend to be more prone to throw up than most dogs. So far this week I've cleaned up 2 hair balls (I enjoy 4 inside cats).
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