My kitten keep on throwing up clear fluid, what do i do?

He is about 3 months old and he is at a healthy solidity and seems to be drinking and eating normally but everyday he throws up a clear but gooey soft. Why is this?
PLEASE do not post take him to the vet!!
only give me solid answers. please and thank you.
He may be getting too hungry up to that time he eats. Some cats will throw up a "foamy" clear / white liquid, when their tummies are empty. Also, is he throwing up RIGHT AFTER he drinks his hose? He may be drinking too fast, and that's what is coming "back up"!

If you aren't "free feeding" him, try setting out a dish (square cake pan is good) of dry KITTEN FOOD, for him to "nibble" on during the daylight. If he IS getting too hungry before he's fed, this will take watchfulness of it.

I have 12 indoor cats, and one of them seems to do this a lot. I attribute it to waiting ( within line ) too long before eating. She doesn't want to get through when the other cats are around, even though there are two dishes of dry food ( separate rooms ) that she could eat from. There isn't anything else wrong, so I just verbs it up and don't worry about it. She never throws up food..just the foamy "stuff"!!

Hope this ease your mind about your kitten...Good luck.
He may have something lodged surrounded by his throat or mouth. Very gently open his mouth (do NOT force it; kitten bones are fragile and if you force it you will break his jaw) and see whether you notice anything caught in his mouth or throat.

Another possibility is gentle poisoning. Does he have access to any cleaning products, detergents, insect poison or traps, etc.? Household plants? Anything that could be poisonous if ingested? Kittens nick all kinds of things in their mouths. If he go outside (he really shouldn't be allowed outside) it could be poisoning from just about anything. The reality it keeps going on, though, suggests if it's poisoning, he's into it a lot.

He could also enjoy something lodged in his stomach, have an infection, or even be having a serious problem close to organ failure or cancer.

I know you don't want to have to take him to the vet, but deplorably that IS the real answer. There are too many things it could be to have someone diagnose it over the internet. This could be impressively serious. You're just going to have to deal next to taking him to the vet. Providing vet care is a major part of responsible pet ownership, and your kitten desires a doctor visit.
Withhold food for 24-36 hours. Cat can help yourself to Pepcid AC. 0.25 mg. per pound twice a day.
My cats puke up clear foamy/bubbly stuff every time they get ahold of cellophane or some other small plastic (usually packaging, like on DVDs). They can't resist chewing on it and shutting up ingesting it before we know what's going on.

Check to be sure there's nothing caught surrounded by your kitty's throat. Then check the kitter box to see if anything passes. If is continues and nothing have passed (assuming it is clear and kind of bubbly-foamy, and therefore likely plastic ingestion) you may own to seek veterinary attention, as it can cause serious damage to your cat's stomach.
Taking him to the vet is the REAL answer. If you threw up every day, you would need to see a doctor. Now do the right thing and endow with your kitten he care he needs.

good luck!

p.s. human drug and home remedies can be very dangerous and sometimes butcher.
well i would propose to take him to the vet but since you don't want to go to the vet just hang on to an eye on him, investigate the clear gooey licquid investigate the food and make sure nothing surrounded by their is bad for your kitten and if it is go buy a unknown food packet. keep an eye on it to make sure it is not intake anything posinus to make it throw up and make sure he get fresh and clean water refill it every morning
First of all, do NOT withhold food for 24-36 hours! Cats develop a liver complication called hepatic lipidosis whether they are fasted too long. Then, you'll have a problem on top of a problem! Is his breathing majority? Does he sound like he has the sniffles? Is he around other cats? Does he run outside? Is he up-to-date on his vaccines? Does this vomiting happen immediately after ingestion and/or drinking? There are so, so many things that can cause this vomiting. Bottom line is this - you cannot and should not try to grasp a diagnosis and a treatment plan on a website. Would you want your family to let you vomit daily while they asked total strangers on-line to present suggestions? It's not fair to him. If you get him into a vet on a regular basis, after your vet will know your kitten and your vet will be able to tell you if you're dealing beside something simple you can treat at home or not. It means spending some money - and that is simply a subdivision of being a responsible pet-owner. He depends on for ALL his needs: food, water, shelter, love AND responsible consideration - especially when he might be sick. Don't do anything to try and treat this yourself. Don't give ANY medications until you consult next to your vet. Any medications you give him may mask symptoms that should be deal with, and, if he's already sick, these medications may stress out his system even more. The correct news is that he appears to be at a healthy weight and his food and river intake appears to be normal. If you cannot bring him to a vet, then at least CALL a vet surrounded by your area. If you've had other pets and they've been within to a vet, you may be able to set up some kind of payment plan beside that vet.
One of my cats used to drink too fast and then throw up the water.
If you don't want to be in motion to the vet, you could at least call there and they can offer you some suggestions. My vet is very good about giving suggestions over the phone.
Answers:    SOUNDS LIKE he has something stuck in his throat, he can dehydrate in a morning if he keeps throwing up and get worse kidney problems, you will hold to dropper water in him as much as he barfs up. WHY Not a VET? you will save his go and they may get it out quick smart? GOOD LUCK
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